2017 Pre-Season Update

At TISC, our members love to skate. And some love to race. W are fast. And seriously fit. Do you want to skate fast and get fit?? Join us. We’re serious about what we do!

We’ll start the 2017 program on April 3rd. TISC will skate Mondays at the 400-meter track at Father Redmond and on Thursdays at the 200-meter track at Christ the King.

For 2017, registration for membership and guest skating will need to be completed online. Only those who have completed every part of the membership requirement (form, waiver, payment, RSC registration) will be allowed to skate. All the registration details- costs, forms, waivers, will be published at a later time,

TISC will be organizing at least two events. We are looking at running these with the first in early June and the second race in early to mid-July. More information to come later.

All TISC membership applicants will be required to review and abide by the Equity, Climate, Governance, Mission Statement.

And while you’re at it, check out this video- this is what some of us can do on skates!

4 Responses to 2017 Pre-Season Update

  1. Jean says:

    Can we do a trial class before we decide if we want to join?

  2. Peter Doucet says:

    Yes, first-time skaters can try one session for free. After that, skaters either must join the Club OR skate as a guest and pay $10 per session up to a maximum of 5 sessions at which point membership is mandatory.

  3. Jean says:

    We would like to come April 17, we need rentals, what time should we come?

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