2021 Season Info


2021 TISC- Info, Membership Application


All information pertaining to TISC’s current & upcoming season will be shared here. Please consult with and review this page on a regular basis for any changes and for updated details about regular venue location and practice times. TISC only operates in dry conditions, which means practices are weather dependent. Check website for updates if weather conditions are is questionable.

All components of registration must be completed online PRIOR to skating with TISC. This includes I) membership application, II) waiver, III) agreeing to Equity, Climate, Governance, IV) payment, V) registration with Roller Sports Canada (must be completed PRIOR to joining TISC).

2020 PROGRAMS: WHEN & WHERE [See what events you can compete in for 2020]

  • RACING & FITNESS: MONDAYS- START & END DATES TBA: 6pm start , 400-meter track at Father Redmond (Ken Cox) next to Humber College [Information with directions]
  • RACING & FITNESS:  THURSDAYS- START & END DATES TBA: 6pm start at 200-meter track at Christ the King School [Information with directions]
  • Additional Informal Skates: Skaters network with each other to arrange extra sessions and unofficial practices and training sessions during the season. TISC members typically skate on public trails (Hamilton Beach, Martin Goodman Trail), loops in residential streets (Port-Credit (Mississauga) to Oakville), and in corporate centers (Max Ward Park in Mississauga, just South of the airport).


If you can start rolling, stop safely, turn in both directions, skate on a variety of terrain (up hill, downhill, rough asphalt, over curbs, hop over small obstacles), and you’re stable on your skates, then TISC is the right place for you to improve your fitness, technique, group skills, and race strategies.


This is a list of what you’ll need for a better experience skating with TISC:

  • Helmet (mandatory)
  • Skates
  • Wrist guards or palm protection (mandatory)
  • Water bottle (filled with water)
  • Running shoes
  • Clothing for activity, suitable for the day’s weather
  • If you’re a non-member wishing to join TISC, please complete all forms & payment
  • For young skaters under 16-years old, full equipment (helmet, wrist/ palm, knee, elbow) is mandatory as well as mouth guard


TISC has a supply of rental racing skates (low boots, carbon fiber shell, big wheels!) available to its members. To receive rental skates, all components of TISC membership must be complete, payment and forms must first be completed and deposits must be made prior to skates being rented.

Cost is $100 for the season starting in April to end of September + a $400 security deposit (post dated cheque which will be returned when the rental skaters are returned to TISC in similar condition than when rented), $50 is skates are returned within 1-month of the start of the rental. As the outdoor season passes (April to September), the rental rate is reduced by $10 for eahc month (example: $100 to rent April to September, $90 May to Septemer, $80 June to September…). To rent skates, please speak with a club volunteer at practice or communicate with us at torontoinline@yahoo.com


All components of registration must be completed PRIOR to skating with TISC. This includes i) membership application, ii) waiver, iii) agreeing to Equity, Climate, Governance, iv) payment, v) registration with Roller Sports Canada (must be completed prior to registering with TISC).


  • Roller Sports Canada Membership (please complete prior to joining TISC)
  • All guests pay $10 per practice.
  • First-time TISC guests skate that practice for free.
  • When a guest joins TISC, guest fees are credited towards TISC membership fee.
  • A maximum of 5 guest skates are allowed. After that, TISC membership must be purchased to continue skating with TISC.


The 2020 program includes:

  • The program at TISC focuses on fitness, technique, tactics, fun and uses a group coaching approach
  • Mondays & Thursdays: programs begin with dry-land warm-up, technical program, then the program focuses on speed, tactics, strategy, and fitness
  • Youth: Learn to Race: Young skaters will be introduced to racing with skill, agility, and technical based actives & games
  • Program: Fitness and Racing: This program is for those who want to achieve serious speed. Skaters will be introduced to advance technique (starting, accelerating, sprinting, relays, close proximity skating, racing, sprints) and racing tactics as well as tough workouts! This program is for those who would like to be serious about racing, on the track, on the road- from sprints to marathon


  • Use of helmet and hand or wrist protection is compulsory. You must wear your protective equipment at all times.
  • Skaters 15 years old and younger must wear elbow and knee protection. Parents/  guardians can sign-off on required use of elbow and/ or knee protection.
  • Use of personal listening devices & earphones (mp3 players, ect) is forbidden
  • Club waiver must be signed prior to skating with TISC
  • Bring your own water bottle and water plus food
  • Follow the passing rules for the location (ask the coach). When about to overtake a skater(s) always announce “track” or “passing” to the skater(s) who may be unaware that you are behind them. (This courtesy is not required during competition race events). Leave lots of room between yourself and the skater(s) you’re passing
  • Each member or guest must sign in on the “Sign In” sheet at each practice
  • Mutual Respect, Good Sportsmanship & Civilized Conduct are expected by all officers of the Club, Board Members, Club Members, Guests, and Volunteers- adhering to the Guiding Principles of the Toronto Inline Skating Club as outlined in EQUITY, CLIMATE, AND GOVERNANCE
  • Stay alert to others using trails and streets and be courteous at all times. Be mindful of, and vigilant for, other skaters, cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles, which may share the road and may constitute a danger to you. Accept that occasionally you will encounter those who act in a reckless or dangerous manner. Do not initiate a confrontation, but rather, if the situation warrants it, report the person/vehicle to the police.
  • Avoid water, oil, debris, uneven or broken pavement, manhole covers and ‘road snakes’ (cracks sealed with tar). When skating in packs or groups, alert others to any oncoming hazards verbally and/or by pointing to the hazard side
  • Please  consult the website, and use the facebook page, and listen-up at practice for practice and event cancellations due to weather conditions (made approximately 1-2 hour prior to start time) and/ or club attendance at competitions, other special club events
  • Please review and familiarize yourself with the section on Equity, Climate and Governance
  • Unless otherwise noted, all practice venues are alcohol free and smoking is prohibited. These are policies and requirements of property owners and managements of the venues and facilities where TISC holds permits for the use of the venues and facilities.

19 Responses to 2021 Season Info

  1. Lee Norton says:

    I live in St. Catharines and have not met any speedskaters here. I would like to join your Hamilton Beach Trail group and would like to know whether it is Saturday or Sunday on any particular weekend. (Having said that, I’m not available Saturday the 21st.)

  2. Jochen says:

    I am a speedskater from Germany and will live in Toronto for 3 month. I would like to join your training. Can I just come to your training and bring the signed waiver and signed guest membership or real membership?
    I already have a license from the german federation of speedskating, is it also necessary to have the license from RSC?
    thanks and see you in Toronto
    best regards
    Jochen from Stuttgart

    • Peter Doucet says:

      Hi Jochen-

      For three months, it will be less expensive to join the Toronto Inline Skating Club rather than skate as a guest. You should have membership form and waiver.

      The Toronto Inline Skating Club will recognize membership with another recognized Federation/ National Governing Body.

      All the best in your travels-

      Peter Doucet

  3. Rajeshwar Pawar says:

    I live in down town Toronto and I am searching for roller skater coaching classes in down town for my 5 years old daughter.

    Please let me know about down town nearby locations.


  4. Ryan says:

    I’m in town for the summer and would like to learn to inline skate. I have no experience, do you take on people at my level of experience? Also what is the earliest age you take on children?

  5. Viji says:

    I live in North Etobicoke area and am looking for Roller blades private coaching lessons for my 14 year old son. please suggest if there is any in west end or nearby locations ..I would like to register him in beginners course. I would also like to know the days of lessons, time and fees. Thanks in advance.

  6. kerry says:

    I’m looking forward to the first session on Thursday. I have a lot of varied skating experience, but no inline skates yet. I see that you have rental skates available. Would it be possible to come a bit early on Thursday to set up a rental? (I have all the forms, etc. ready to go). Thanks so much!

  7. Stephen Qi says:

    My daughter is a skater who is 8 years old and like to find the best place to continue her inline skating practice. we are currently living in Beijing. Is there a 200 meter banked track in Canada?

  8. Nauris says:


    I’m planing to go for the Coming up Thursday session. I used to be a competitive inline skater in Colombia (long time ago) and because I love this sport so much I would like to try skating again just for fun. I see that you rent skates, what can I do to rent them for this coming Thursday.. Also I’m excited to meet the group and start skating again.

    • Peter Doucet says:

      Hello Nauris-

      I’m glad to read you’re interested in skating with the Toronto Inline Skating Club.

      In order to rent skates from TISC, you have to join TISC, and once you’re a member, there’s a $400 deposit that’s required.

      If you just want to come out and skate as a guest, your first time is free and then it’s $10 each time, up to 5 times maximum.

      Let me know what size you are (european sizing if possible) and I’ll see if we have your size and I’ll have them this Thursday. Please note that if it’s raining, we’ll cancel the practice.

  9. Mah says:

    Hi do you have any private instructor? I need an instructor for 3 of us who are all beginners
    Thank you

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