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Our Philosophy and What we offer:

TISC is dedicated to the promotion of inline & roller skating as a way to achieve fitness, improve skating technique, connect with others interested in skating, travel to events and competitions, and compete.

  • A positive group environment geared towards fun, fitness, and speed
  • A planned program featuring instruction and practice
  • Skaters participate with others of similar ability and/ or speed and/ or interest
  • A club Conduct Policy and rules of the track & road during and outside of programming
  • A coach or instructor who will guide skaters, provide skills training, and manage the practice time
  • Supporting a healthy lifestyle through active participation
  • Fun, activity, and joy of skating

What is expected of skaters:

  • A willingness to learn and practice
  • Completion of planned program activities and practices
  • Adhere to club Conduct Policy (Guiding Principles) and rules of the track (how to skate in a group, safety, equipment use)
  • Treat members, coaches, instructors, volunteers, and those involved with the club with consideration and respect
  • Listen to your coaches/instructors and ask questions if you don’t understand
  • Use of proper equipment (skates, helmet, wrist/ palm protection), knee and elbow protection for skaters 15-years and under (unless parents sign off to indicate otherwise)
  • Consideration for the safety and health of skaters and others when on and off the track, road, and course


Guiding Principles: TISC offers a safe, inclusive, healthy and positive climate for its members and guests. This includes taking a stance against racism, sexism, hetero-sexism, unsafe behaviour, discrimination, and harassment. The Guiding Principles should permeate all policies, programs, practices, and operations of the Toronto Inline Skating Club and its members when (remove this text: representing TISC) in practices, training, travel, events, gatherings, and competition.

TISC offers a positive tone at Club operations and for members and guests by using the following strategies:

  • Being accountable and transparent by being run as a democratically elected organization, with a Board of Directors who is elected club members who hold Full Membership. The vote takes place at the Annual General Meeting which is usually held each year in March.
  • Committed to relevant learning and training for coaches, instructors and volunteers through development, networking, mutual support and recognition.
  • Focused on maintaining an environment free from harassment and discrimination- at any TISC event, including off-site/ off-track activities. This applies to all Board Members, coaches, members, volunteers, employees, and parents.
  • Concentrated on safety at practices and events by providing coaching and/or instructor led-programs, basic first-aid supplies and enforcement of TISC’s policy of minimal required protective equipment. TISC follows Roller Sports Canada’s Risk Management Policy and requires all members to annually register with Roller Sports Canada.
  • Involved, in partnerships and in strategic alliances with a number of relevant organizations, groups and stakeholders, including (and not limited to) the Toronto Sports Council, Roller Sports Canada, Mississauga Sports Council and a number of roller and ice speed skating Clubs.
  • Celebrate and recognize member achievements through email releases, website and social media updates, and yearly recognition awards for skaters and volunteers.
  • Build Club cohesion and identity with a Club skin suit and with the help of special events (parties, fundraisers, celebrations) for Members and volunteers.
  • Help sustain and promote the sport of roller and inline speed skating in the Greater-Toronto-Area, Ontario, and Canada by, when possible, supporting events and organizers with promotion, recruiting and providing volunteers, aiding with logistical support, planning, funding, and organizing events and competitions.


At TISC, you will find a first aid kit on site. Practices are sometimes closed off to traffic, and the skating surface is swept clear of debris.

Safety is the most important part of our practices:

  • Members, Associate-Members, and Guest skating at TISC are expected to participate in the program and follow coach and/ or instructor instructions
  • You must wear your protective equipment at all times. At TISC, helmets & wrist/ palm protection is mandatory. Knee and elbow protection is mandatory for skaters 15-years and under, unless parents sign off to indicate otherwise.
  • Warn skaters before you are about to pass them – give them enough time to react.
  • Personal audio devices are not permitted during practices.
  • Complete all the workouts to the best of your ability; if you cannot do this, please notify the coach or program leader.
  • Be respectful and courteous of your fellow skaters and volunteers at all times.


Skaters will experience pack (group) style skating. Our practices include technique (how to skate/go fast) and a fitness focus. Each practice begins with a warm-up.

Skaters may be placed in ability groups at some practices. Some of the activities include drafting, matching up pushes, passing, working cooperatively in a group, technique work to improve skating efficiency, sprints, starts, interval training, distance training, and race strategy & tactics.

For permit regulations, as well as for safety and liability reasons, the track is to be used by TISC members and guests only during Club practices. All skaters (members and guests) will follow the directions of TISC coach(es)/ TISC instructor(s)/ TISC official(s) regarding participation in the program/ practice/ skate.


At TISC, you will receive training, coaching, and tips that will help give you the tools to skate further, safer, cooperatively with other skaters, and faster. You will enjoy the benefits of skating in a group of skaters and learning and reviewing skills in a safe and controlled environment. You will be able to apply your newly learned skills at various inline skating events in Ontario and beyond.

You can network with skaters to travel, skate, and train. You will have enhanced access to the latest information about skating, training, equipment and events. TISC members have access to the club skate rental fleet.


In order to become a member or be allowed to be a guest with TISC, all applicants have requirements which can include: signing a waiver, reviewing and abiding by Club policies, submitting required payment, and completing all other membership requirements.

Completion of all membership and/ or guest requirements must occur PRIOR to your attending and/or participating in any TISC activity in order to be allowed to participate in a TISC practice, program, or event.

The first-time skate for guests is free. Each practice is $10 thereafter. When a guest decides to become a member of TISC, the fee is reduced by $10 per paid guest skate up to a maximum of $50.


The Toronto Inline Skating Club (TISC) was founded in 1991 by Jocelyn Martin and Laurie Lafrance. The club introduced the sport of outdoor roller & inline speed skating to Canada and is today, still one of the the largest and most competitive clubs in North America.

Our first practices in the early 1990’s were held in the parking lot at High Park, around the Grenadier Restaurant on Sunday mornings. Regular outdoor practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays were held in Mississauga in near industrial & office zone, just south of the 401, next to Max Ward Park.

TISC has also used the following venues in the past

  • Herhsey Center in Mississauga
  • Max Ward Park, a 1500-meter loop on the streets of a corporate complex in Mississauga just South of the 401 and Pearson International Aiport
  • St Clement’s School 200-meter track in Toronto
  • Christ the King school’s 200-meter track in Toronto
  • Toronto Collegiate Institute’s 400-meter track in Toronto
  • Ken Cox (Father Redmond) 400-meter track in Toronto

Many great Canadian skaters, athletes, and leaders have been part of TISC’s family, including Mike Murray, Jordan Belchos, Sarah Hopkins, Aaron Arndt, Barry Publow, Beth Clarke, Morgane Echardour, Jade Pauley, Jesse Pauley, Andrew Hegarty, Andrew Godbout, Wayne Burrett, Gillian Clarke, Robert Watson, and Peter Doucet.

Those who have earned honorary membership with TISC due their contributions to the club, include Wayne Burrett, Gillian Clarke, Laurie Lafrance, Mike Murray, Barry Publow, and Jocelyn Sicotte.


Don’t worry, as long as they roll, any pair of skates will do. However, if you do wish to upgrade your equipment, TISC has rental skates that are available to club members. Ask one of the officials, directors, coaches at practice if you wish to rent.

Skaters tend to use skates with low cut boots made primarily of carbon fibre- these can be stock (store bought) or custom (fitted from a cast). Each frame holds four wheels of 100mm or 110mm’s in size. Three wheel frames typically hold wheels 125mm in size.

A few local & Ontario equipment dealers include


There are many events to attend, support and compete in. These events usually require some traveling, which is a great opportunity to make friends and see the world. There are local, provincial, national and international events for you to attend, with distances ranging from short sprints (100-meters) to ultra-marathons (42km, 100km, 24 Hours, etc). Races and events are held on ovals, tracks, closed road circuits, and open roads.

Make sure you check the events calendar for an up to date list. For more information please speak to a club representative or coach.


TISC recognizes its members and their achievements with annual awards. The Board of Directors awards these annually, including:


Looking for somewhere to skate in the winter? The Scooters Indoor Speed Club operates at the Scooters Roller Palace in Mississauga from November to March. The club offers a structured program for experienced skaters as well as a beginner & children’s program.

For inline skating lessons for learn to skate & beginners, please refer to groups run by Stephen Fisher: Inline Skating Instruction If you book lessons because you found the information here, please let Inline Skating Instruction know this.

During the Fall and Winter months, many of TISC’s members participate and compete in short track speed skating with the Toronto Speed Skating Club and Hamilton Speed Skating Club.

Other groups skating in Toronto & the GTA include:


Roller Sports Ontario [RSO] is the governing body for Roller Sports in Ontario, while Roller Sports Canada [RSC] governs the sport nationally.

There are a number of clubs and facilities in Ontario and beyond, including the Ottawa Inline Skating Club [OISC], Canada Inline Training Centre [CITC], Roller Montreal [RM], Calgary Rollercade Inline Skating Club [CRISC], Voisins A Roulettes [VRL], Vitesse A Roues Alignés de Montreal [VRAM] more.

RSO holds a provincial championship each year. The event usually takes place in late-May or early-June. Skaters living in Ontario must to skate the RSO provincials to attend the RSC Canadian National Championships, which usually take place in early to mid-July.

Some of the best inline skating events take place within driving distance of Toronto, including the 24-Hours Inline Montreal and the Ottawa Inline Skating Festival, and the Montreal Roller Marathon. There are also some local races like the Trillum 10k in Mount-Forest in May and the Canada Day Marathon in Cambridge on July 1st.

RSO also holds a points series (Roller Sports Ontario Series) starting in May of each year, with a number of events in Ontario. The series is great for skaters of all levels- from entry level skaters to seasoned elites.


TISC makes use of certified coaches, trained instructors, and volunteer skate leaders. Some of those running practices may be in the process of learning to run a safe, well-planned, and purposeful program targeted to meet members’ needs.

If you’re interested in becoming involved with and helping in delivery of the program, please speak with one of the coaches or Board Members. TISC makes every attempt to support those interested in pursuing those who are interested in improving their coaching practice and becoming certified.


TISC membership selects its Board od Directors at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held at the end of March. As of 2016, those who serve on TISC’s Board of Directors are required to pay half TISC membership fees, which will be refunded when the 30-member threshold has been met. Prior to 2016, those who served on TISC’s Board of Directors were not required to pay TISC membership fees.

2018 Board of Directors– The slate was acclaimed on March 28th 2018 at the Annual General Meeting held via conference call.

  • Peter Doucet- President
  • Morgane Echardour- Secretary
  • Cynthia Head- Director at Large
  • Shannon Hegarty- Director at Large
  • Alain Quintard- Treasurer

2017 Board of Directors– The slate was acclaimed on March 28th 2017 at the Annual General Meeting held via conference call.

  • Peter Doucet- President
  • Morgane Echardour- Director at Large
  • Shannon Hegarty- Director at Large
  • Alain Quintard- Treasurer
  • Vacant– Secretary

2016 Board of Directors– The slate was acclaimed on April 11th 2016 at the Annual General Meeting held in room 206 at Father Redmond School in Toronto.

  • Peter Doucet- President
  • Morgane Echardour- Director at Large
  • Shannon Hegarty- Director at Large
  • Alain Quintard- Treasurer
  • Travis Shaw- Secretary

2015 Board of Directors– The slate was acclaimed on April 13th 2015 at the Annual General Meeting held in room 206 at Father Redmond School in Toronto.

  • Peter Doucet- President
  • Morgane Echardour- Director at Large
  • Shannon Hegarty- Director at Large
  • Alain Quintard- Treasurer
  • Travis Shaw- Secretary

2014 Board of Directors– The slate was acclaimed on March 24th 2014 at the Annual General Meeting held at the Lorne Park Public Library in Mississauga.


  • Peter Doucet- President
  • Morgane Echardour- Director at Large
  • Andrew Hegarty- Director at Large
  • Shannon Hegarty- Director at Large
  • Judy Penner- Secretary
  • Alain Quintard- Treasurer
  • Travis Shaw- Director at Large

2013 Board of Directors– The slate was acclaimed on March 24th 2013 at the Annual General Meeting held at the Lorne Park Public Library in Mississauga.

  • Position to be named: Wayne Burrett
  • Position to be named: Peter Doucet
  • Position to be named: Morgane Echardour
  • Position to be named: Monique Halushak
  • Position to be named: Judy Penner
  • Position to be named: Alain Quintard
  • Position to be named: Graeme Tickner
  • Technical Executive (Non-Voting): Eric Gee

2012 Board of Directors– The slate was acclaimed on March 25th 2012 at the Annual General Meeting held at the Lorne Park Public Library in Mississauga.

  • President: Peter Doucet
  • Treasurer: Alain Quintard
  • Director At Large: Wayne Burrett
  • Director At Large: Morgane Echardour
  • Director At Large: Eric Gee
  • Director At Large: Monique Halushak
  • Director At Large: Graeme Tickner

2011 Board of Directors– Voted in on March 20th at the Annual General Meeting held at the Scooter’s Roller Palace in Mississauga

  • President: Peter Doucet
  • Secretary: Name Removed
  • Director At Large: Alain Quintard
  • Director At Large: Georg Nikodym
  • Director At Large: Jesse Pauley
  • Director At Large: Brock Howes
  • Director At Large: Morgan Williams
  • Treasurer: Gillian Clarke

2010 Board Of Directors– Acclaimed on March 28th at the Annual General Meeting held at the Scooter’s Roller Palace in Mississauga

  • President: Peter Doucet
  • Secretary: Travis Shaw
  • Treasurer: Gillian Clarke
  • Director At Large: Georg Nikodym
  • Director At Large: Jesse Pauley
  • Director At Large: Alain Quintard
  • Director At Large: Morgan Williams

Inline Skating Mississauga- Current Board of Directors

  • Wayne Burrett, President
  • Peter Doucet, Director at Large
  • Eric Gee, Director at Large

Warning: Helmet and wrist guards are mandatory – you will not be allowed to participate without this minimum gear. All skaters are required to sign a waiver. The use of other safety equipment is strongly encouraged. Water is sometimes available at practice, but please bring your own. All club programs have a minimum required skill level. Not recommended for absolute beginners. You must be able to safely start, stop, turn and balance on skates. Sessions & practices may include a technical component, pack skating, cross training, speed & sprint work, endurance, relays, mock-races, and more.


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