Places to Skate: Trails and Tracks

August 14, 2022

Friends and skaters of TISC love to roll. To encourage you to roll safely and in interesting places, we are curating a list of trails, tracks, venues, and locations that may be suitable for skating.

TISC always recommends safe skating, use of protective equipment, adhering to proper etiquette for the given location, and following rules of the road/ trail/ path/ venue. That means it’s up to you (and those you skate with) to do your due diligence and confirm rules and etiquette for where you will skate and if skating is allowed at all. Where you chose to skate and how you skate is your responsibility and TISC is not responsible for your actions and decisions and how those impact you and others.

If you know of a trail, track, venue, and location that isn’t listed, please let us know by e-mailing or dropping a message on Facebook;

  • Hamilton Beach Trail- Burlington- 8km+ trail: This trail, wide and straight, follows Lake Ontario’s Western most point. Skaters are asked to follow the speed limit, which is quite low. Best time to skate on this trail is early morning, 7am start. Be mindful of dogs being walked and sticks on the path. The best place to park and access the trail is at the South Parking Lot of Burlington Canal Light House off Eastport Drive [Address: 1057, Breezeway Trail, Hamilton, ON L8H 6Z9]
  • Woodlands Secondary School – 400-meter track in Mississauga: Tucked away in behind Woodlands Secondary School and McBride Public School near Dundas and Erindale Station in Mississauga, this track is very fast and smooth. It’s one of the fastest tracks around! It is contained by a chain-link fence and has bleacher seats. You can expect relatively heavy community use of this track (walkers, children on scooters). [3225 Erindale Station Rd, Mississauga, ON L5C 1Y5]
  • Canadian Inline Training Centre 200-meter banked track-Harriston: Located in Harriston, Ontario, this 200-meter track hosted several Canadian Championships, Ontario Championships, and other events. With banked (inclined) corners, this track is great for going fast in a controlled situation. This privately owned track, attached to the home of the Perrie family, was initially built in the late 90s and reconfigured in the early 2000s. [CITC’s Facebook page]
  • 2015 Pan American Games track- Scarborough- 400-meter track: The 2015 Pan American Games were held in Ontario. The roller/ inline speed skating competition was held on the 400-meter track at at St. John Paul II Catholic Secondary School. The track was repaved in June 2015 in advance of the competition. Jordan Belchos, who started his inline/ roller speed skating career with TISC, medaled in the 10km points race. Belchos has gone on to represent Canada in the Winter Olympics in Long Track Speed Skating, placing top-5 in the 10km race! [685 Military Trail, Scarborough, Ontario M1E 4P6]
  • Father Redmond 400-meter track- Etobicoke (Toronto): This 400-meter track is nestled south between Lake Shore’s quaint shops, Father Redmond School, Humber College, a dog park, and Lake Ontario. This track has one of the main homes of the Toronto Inline Skating Club since 2008, and has hosted the Canadian Championships, Pan American Games selection competition, RSO Race Series, and other events. When TISC skates here, a permit from the City of Toronto is obtained. If you go there to skate on your own, please be careful as local residents use the track and the inner field may be used by groups (playing soccer, flag football). [Your are best to use the parking lot off Twenty Third Street- Twenty Third St, Etobicoke, Ontario M8V 3M6]
  • Christ the King (Holy Trinity)- Etobicoke (Toronto)- 200-meter track: This 200-meter track, just North of Christ the King Church property, has been used by TISC since the mid 2000’s and hosted TISC practices, RSO Points Series, and Ontario Championships and other races until 2019. In 2021, portables were placed on the track’s western-most turn so it looks like, for now, this track is not usable. [3674 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, Ontario M8W 1N6]
  • Small Oval Trail at Burnhamdale Park (St Alfred School) in Mississauga: Located behind St. Alfred School near Dixie and Bloor, this small trail is about 250-meters in length and is a perfect location to skate slowly, technically, and a great place for young skaters and children to learn how to skate. [3341 Havenwood Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4X 2M2]
  • James S Bell Junior Middle School- under 200-meters in Etobicoke: There is a small track tucked away behind James S Bell Junior Middle School, a small track, under 200-meters in length, with squared corners. This is not an ideal venue for large group or high speeds. It would be more suitable for controlled speed and those who want a venue to learn how to skate. [90 Thirty First St, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8W 3E9]
  • West Toronto Collegiate Institute- 400-meter track in Toronto: This 400-meter track, years used by several different groups and teams, is a bit lumpy, granular, and has cracks & fissures, but served skaters well. Located in a higher density location, skaters are sometimes treated to the sweet smell of chocolate permeating the air due to the track’s proximity to a chocolate factory. [330 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3Y1]
  • Max Ward Park: Cyclists and skaters have used a loop that follows West on Matheson Boulevard and proceeding North and East on Explorer looping back to Matheson. The Orbitor sections has a bike lane, but the Matheson Blvd. has road skates (tar filled cracks). There is less vehicular traffic on those roads after 6:30pm and on weekends. You can park at Max Ward Park and then enjoy this 4km+ long loop. [Parking at Max Ward Park- 2380 Matheson Blvd, Mississauga]
  • James S Bell Junior Middle School: The school’s playground features a narrow track, about 200-meters in length. The corners are fairly sharp. Because of the corners and width, this track tends to be better for slower speeds and technical work. It’s been a great location for children to learn skating on and a nice track for more experienced skaters to skate smoothly. [90 Thirty First St, Etobicoke, ON M8W 3E9]
  • Scooter’s Roller Palace: Mississauga has had the good fortune of having a roller rink in its midst. We used to operated the Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club prior to the pandemic, setting up a 100-meter track, using both USARS and NIRA configurations. Scooter’s is a great place to skate, jam, and roll with friends while enjoying tunes. Word on the street is even though the building has been sold, Scooter’s will remain open until at least April 2023. [2105 Royal Windsor Dr, Mississauga, ON L5J 1K5, Scooter’s website]
  • Parc Downsview Park: This is an interesting place to skate. It’s a super nice trail with left and right turns, climbs and descents. But the one thing you’ll want to watch for are the bollards (long metal/ concrete posts) that are in the middle of the trail. You’ll definitely want to follow the “Circuit Path”, which gives you a solid 2.5km per loop. [Parc Downsview Park, 70 Canuck Ave, North York, ON M3K 2C5]
  • Etobicoke Creek Trail: This beautiful smooth trail snakes along the Etobicoke Creek. There aren’t many inclines or downhills, except for the sharp climb (or descent depending on direction of travel) as you are about to go under the highway 401. There are a few wooden bridges, so be mindful because if the wood is wet, it will be very very slippery. You can either park at Fleetwood Park or Garnetwood Park off Burnhamthorpe. [link to parking lot on Burhhamthorpe, between Ponytrail Dr. and Mill Rd.]
  • Mississauga Valleys trail: This trail system is an interesting one that branches out in several directions and takes you to wide streets with bike lanes and lower traffic, notably Mississauga Valley Boulevard. You can park at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre and use that as your home base to explore the area. Keep in mind, you won’t end up going very far away if you use this trail, but you can access different areas and peacefully make your way to Square One (go up Robert Speck) or Port Credit (go through the trail near Stonebrook Park then South on Kirwin/ Camilla and then cross over Hurontario/ QEW to Pinetree Way to Stavebank. [Mississauga Valley Community Centre, 1275 Mississauga Vly Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5A 3R8]
  • East York Collegiate: Looking for a track near the downtown core? Hit up East York Collegiate Institute! It’s a smooth 400-meter track. It’s fast. Be mindful as the track is used by many walkers, runners, children playing. [650 Cosburn Ave., East York, ON M4C 2V2]
  • Bramalea Secondary: A very nice 400-meter track in Brampton! The Brampton Speed Skating people have used this track for off skate/ on wheel summer skating. [510 Balmoral Dr, Brampton, ON L6T 1W4]

Event Notice: Roll The Stars on August 27th

August 9, 2022

Great news! Mark your calendars. We are pleased to announce a second event to follow up the successful Roll-A-Fest recently held in July.

Roll The Stars will be held on August 27th on our home track next to Father Redmond School near Kipling and Lake Shore. The event will be very similar to Roll-A-Fest in format, schedule, distances & categories, entry cost, location, and registration process.

All event details will be published on our website soon.

August 8th 2022 – Practice Cancelled

August 8, 2022

Due to the high risk of thunder storms forecasted for precisely when tonight’s skating is scheduled, plus rain and storms have already been observed today, we have made the difficult decision to cancel skating for tonight, August 8th 2022.

See you next week.

2022 Roll-A-Fest a Rolling Success

July 17, 2022

Thank you to all who supported yesterday’s Roll-A-Fest! It was amazing to see all the first time skaters come out and put up their best efforts. What a turn-out and what fun races to watch.

Thank you to all the families who cheered on the skaters. A big thank you to the coaches and volunteers who heled make this event possible.

We are in the preliminary stages of organizing another race for late-August. We are predicting a doubling in number of skaters who’ll participate! Stay tuned for more!

TISC Summer Roll-A-Fest – July 16th – Event Information

July 5, 2022

We are pleased to host an inline skating event on July 16th on our home track. Skaters of all speeds, experience, and ages are invited to come out and enjoy a beautiful day of skating, speed, and racing on our home track, a 400-meter asphalt oval near the north shore of Lake Ontario.

  • When: July 16th 2022
  • Where: 400-meter track next to Father Redmond School and Ken Cox Community Center, 28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8V 4B7
  • Categories and Distances:
    Age Classfor participants new to skating
    – 5 years old and under – 100-meter, 200-meter
    – 6 to 8 years old male/ female – 200-meter, 400-meter
    – 9 to 11 years old male/ female – 400-meter, 800-meter
    – 12 to 15 years old male/ female – 400-meters, 1200-meters
    – 16 years old and above male/ female – 400-meters, 2000-meters
    – 45 years old and above – 400-meters, 800-meters
    Open Categoryfor participants experienced in skating and races
    – Open Category: Junior 19 and under/ Senior 20 and over/ Master 45 and over male/ female – 800-meters, 10km elimination
    * The age of the participant on December 31st of this year will be used to designate the age category
    * Participants taking part in the Open Category races may also participate in the Age Class races
  • Schedule of Events, Times:
    7:30am: Registration opens, please check-in at the table near the sound-system on the East side of the track next to Father Redmond school
    8am: first race * the following schedule may be adjusted due to number of participants and field size. Some distances and groups may be combined. Please listen for any announcements during the competition.
    – Races will be held approximately every 10-minutes: 5- 100m at 8am, 6-8 male 400m at 8:10am, 6-8 female 400m at 8:20am, 9-11 male 400m at 8:30am, 9-11 female 400m at 8:40am, 12-15 male 400m at 8:50am, 12-15 female 400m at 9am, 16+ male 400m at 9:10am, 16+ female 400m at 9:20am, 45+ 400m at 9:30am, Open 800m at 9:40am, 5- 200m at 9:50am, 6-8 male 800m at 10am, 6-8 female 800m at 10:10am, 9-11 male 800m at 10:20am, 9-11 female 800m at 10:30am, 12-15 male 1200m at 10:40am, 12-15 female 1200m at 10:50am, 16+ male 2000m at 11am, 16+ female 2000m at 11:10am, 45+ 800m at 11:20am, Open 10km elimination at 11:30am
    – Awards and Medals Presentations: 12pm
    – 1pm: competition will be closed
  • Awards: Medals & ceremony for top-3 for each race
  • Perks: Freezies, music will be played too!
  • Results: Click here for full results (PDF)
  • Media- Pictures & Videos: Link to brief report with photo gallery
  • Contact:
  • Rules: Helmet is required for all participants. Those under 16 years of age must use wrist/ palm protection, knee, and elbow protection. No shortcuts allowed. All skaters must obey the starting commands. No skating on the track when participant isn’t racing. No pushing, pulling, or knocking down other participants. No false starts. Please follow instructions of event officials/ judges/ referees. No tripping or bumping or blocking other participants. A race number (bib) must be worn on the hip- information for which side will be available on day of the event). No earphones or audio devices allowed to be worn. Finish is determined by the leading part of the skate that is on the ground that reaches the first edge of the finish line; if first skate is in the air, then the trailing skate will be used to determine the finish. No weaving (side to side) and no blocking or impeding other participants’ progress. Additional rules available here.
  • Registration and Entry Fee: $25 registration fee for Age Class, Open Category is $30 registration fee (open class can also participate in Age Class races too), registration deadline is July 14th at 10pm. You can pay via PayPal, Interact e-Transfer (make password “skating“). Once you submit registration form, you will be contacted to complete payment.
  • Disclaimer: *By submitting this form, you indicate that you have reviewed and are agreeing to the following Waivers and Forms (#1, #2, and #3). There is no need to print or submit these. #1) The Waiver [Waiver for Member] [Waiver for Visitor or Guest

Play on the Runway! Skating at Downsview This Weekend

June 21, 2022

On Sunday June 26th, Play on the Runway! will be held at Downsview from 2pm to 5pm. 

The public is invited to roll at Downsview airport celebrating North York’s 100th birthday The first 600 to register will receive free ice cream!

To register, visit

To access the registration/details page, click the link on the banner at the top of the page.

TISC – 2022 Clothing Order

June 20, 2022

I am arranging a clothing order on behalf of TISC. The clothing features a new design and identity for TISC. I would like to offer a huge thank you to Larry Magloire for coming up with this beauty of a design.

You can have a look at the different items available below.

Please let me know which items you are interested in by e-mailing me at or seeing me in-person at skating practice. We can then sort out sizing and more precise cost before launching the order. There is a sizing chart on each image. I’m aiming to launch the order in August. I will be collecting payment PRIOR to ordering.

Here are VERY APPROXIMATE costs for items. They’re approximate because final cost will be influenced by factors such as number of items ordered, cost of shipping, and exchange rate, and my own mistakes.

  • skin suit (regular) $105
  • skin suit (Pro) $135
  • skating top (tight fitting lycra) $95
  • skating bottom (tight fitting lycra) $60
  • pants (warm-up, zip, tight fitting lycra) $125
  • pants (regular jogging pants) $TBA
  • hoodie $110
  • shorts (loose) $65
  • Jacket (wind jacket, not tight) $105
  • skating gloves $30

June 6th- Practice Cancelled

June 6, 2022

It’s raining. Tonight’s TISC practice is cancelled! See you next week!

May 16th- Practice Cancelled

May 16, 2022

Due to the rain, forecast, and soaked track, this evening’s skating is cancelled. See you next week.

April 25- Skating Cancelled

April 25, 2022

Once again, rain strikes skating down. This evening’s skating is cancelled.

Here is a picture of the before times in early April, when it didn’t rain (or snow) every Monday. See you next week????