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February 17, 2017

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Flying Along!

November 18, 2016

peter-marmon-speed-skaterPhoto: artwork by Diane Wharton

Skating this Winter Is A GO! We Need Final Confirmation You’re In- Starting November 21st!

November 7, 2016

There is sufficient interest to run a Winter skating program at the Scooter’s Roller Palace.

WHEN WILL PRACTICES BE HELD? The program take place on Mondays doors open at 7:30pm for track preparation and skating from 8pm to 9:30pm. We will begin on Monday November 21st and operate the Club until Monday March 27th 2017.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: E-MAIL US IF YOU’RE IN– In order to finalize the cost structure, we need to know BY THURSDAY NOVEMBER 10th at 7pm if you are 100% certain that you will skate with the Club this Winter. Let us know by e-mailing me at

WHO SHOULD COME SKATE AT THESE PRACTICES? If you can propel yourself on skates and remain fairly balanced without toppling over, if you’re can turn left and right, and if you like to go fast and want to work on your fitness & skills, and you want to do the best and coolest sport in the world with a great bunch of skaters, then come on out!

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Even though the Club itself will pay more than in years past to rent the venue, because more people are interested in skating this year, it’ll actually cost less per session for each skater! Right now we’re looking at under $300 for the entire season. What a deal!! The final cost will be determined by how many skaters commit. The more skaters are registered the cheaper it will be to skate for everyone. If there are more skaters at the end of the season, everyone will get a proportional partial refund. So talk to your relatives, friends and neighbours!

WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP? I (will send you an e-mail confirming cost, forms you have to sign, and what date practices start and practice times. I will also insist you show up 30-minutes before practice begins because we need at least 6 people to help clean, mop, and set up so we can actually begin practice on time.

SPREAD THE NEWS, BE A CHAMPION FOR SKATING AND PROMOTE THIS SPORT Tell all your family, friends, even strangers! Figure out what you need to do to convince them to come out and skate with us. With your help, lets double, triple, even quadruple the number of skaters and participants we have in the GTA!

I CAN’T JOIN BECAUSE (INSERT EXCUSE HERE… we are having a baby/ I am a baby/ I have to work weird hours) That’s fine, we understand (even though we really don’t). You can skate with the club as a guest. You’ll have to fill in some forms explaining you understand there’s inherent risk with skating, and you have to pay $20. This needs to be done before you skate.

WHEN AND HOW DO I HAVE TO PAY BY AND REGISTER? You MUST pay before you first skate, no exceptions. You can pay cash, cheque (made out to Scooter’s Skate Club), or e-transfer (let us know and we’ll give you the e-mail address for that option).

When you show up for the first practice on Monday, you’ll need to give the cash or cheque to Alain or me AND all the forms (registration and waiver). We’ll make sure everyone respects this. If you don’t bring the payment, you can’t skate. There will be no exceptions. Managing this Club takes a lot of work and we can’t spend time chasing down individuals to be responsible.

On top of the floor fees, you will also be required to pay $20 that goes to the Club itself. This goes to pay for vinegar to clean the floor we skate which makes it grippy (significantly less slippery, much better quality practice), laundry for the towels we use to mop the floor with, replacement mops, first aid equipment, RSC Membership fees for the Club (liability insurance for the Board).

CAN I BUY A PACKAGE OF PASSES LIKE LAST YEAR? No, we phased that option out. When you register, it’s for the whole year. We are a Club, we are a team, so we expect everyone to show up and put their best effort forward.

WHAT ABOUT CANCELLED PRACTICES? WILL THEY BE MADE UP? No, this year, in the event of practice cancellations, they won’t be made up. The Club will not pay for renting the venue for cancelled practices, and everyone who paid for those times will be reimbursed proportionally.

I CAN’T JOIN UNTIL JANUARY OR FEBRUARY That’s fine. You can join when you’re ready. You’ll pay the exact amount of money PER practice as everyone else. It’s a fair deal.

WHAT HAPPENS IF NEW SKATERS COME? Great! We’ll be happy, and make sure you’re friendly and inviting, and give them space to enjoy practice safely!! We’ll help them out and teach them about proper track protocol and etiquette. Also, after you have paid, anybody who signs up and pays means you will get a portion of your fees back at the end of the year. This is because the fees you paid at the start of the year will cover the floor fees for the entire season.

Always be well,

Peter Doucet- OCT
President- Toronto Inline Skating Club

TISC Skaters Wrap Up 2016 Season in New York and Atlanta

November 3, 2016

A handful of TISC’s members competed in the The New York City Skate Marathon & NY 100K and Athens to Atlanta Road Skate in September and October.


Morgan Williams (in blue/ black on the left) and Peter Doucet (orange/ white center) share a fun Moment with Eddy Matzger (to the right of Williams) and Daniel Brown (in blue jacket on the right) at the NYC 100k start line in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

Here are some of the results;

  • Peter Marmon finished 1st in his age category in the 21km race in New York.
  • Candy Wong won the 42km women’s race in New York.
  • Morgan Williams finished 8th overall in New York in the 100k.
  • Peter Doucet placed 3rd in his age category in New York and 9th overall in the 100k.
  • Candy Wong won the women’s 38-mile distance at Athens to Atlanta in 2 hours 23 minutes.
  • Peter Doucet finished 4th overall in the 87-mile race at Athens to Atlanta in 5 hours 5 minutes.


At the finish line of Athens to Atlanta, Candy Wong (2nd from the right) is flanked by Asphalt Beach team mates including Bob Harwell (left) and Hernan Diaz (right). Candy Wong placed 3rd overall in the 38-mile race, winning the women’s race!

2016-11-03 TISC 4.jpg

Peter Marmon owns the podium after completing the 21km race in wet and slippery conditions that made for a tough race. This was Peter Marmon’s first race outside of Canada.

2016-11-03 TISC 2.jpg

Peter Doucet (orange/ white) leading a small group in the NYC 100k. Doucet struggled early on due to the wet conditions and tried his best to salvage a top-10 result.

Winter Skating At Scooter’s: Survey, TISC Party RSVP for November 5th (Saturday), Call for Volunteers

October 15, 2016


Alain Quintard and I met with Scooter’s Roller Palace management this past Thursday to discuss rink availability and costs associated to booking the rink to run an indoor winter skating program for the Scooter’s Indoor Speed club. We had a fruitful discussion, agreeing on terms and conditions to operate the Club out of the roller rink.

We’ve been offered days and times listed below as potential skating opportunities. Please let me know by contacting which of the following days you will definitely commit to skate on. We need to know how many of you WILL skate this winter, as this will dictate fees and allow us to create the best schedule.

This year we will offer a very different fee structure than in years past to skate at the Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club. This is necessary because we now have a fixed rate for renting the rink. Given that membership fees are closely linked to the costs of operating the club, and that the largest expense for the club is paying for floor time (roller rink rental), the greater number of skaters who skate at Scooter’s makes for lower fees to skate. If interest is low or insufficient, fees will be higher, and we may need to reconsider skating this winter at Scooter’s.

Please let me know by OCTOBER 25th which of the following times you will skate, including how many days per week you’d like and what your preferred choices are. If you select Sundays, let me know if you wish to skate on December 25th and January 1st since these days happen to fall on Sundays.

  • Sundays 9:30am floor cleaning, skate 10am to 11:30am
  • Mondays 7:30pm floor cleaning, skate 8pm to 9:30pm
  • Tuesdays 8pm floor cleaning, skate 8:30pm to 10pm
  • Wednesdays 9pm floor cleaning, skate 9:30pm to 11pm

Please note the following:

1) A CALL FOR HELP WITH COACHING/ RUNNING PROGRAMS/ INSTRUCTION: We need assistance with running practices- instruction/ coaching/ managing the program. If you’re interesting in, and willing to lend a hand with this, please let me know by e-mailing me at You’ll be offered assistance & support, and may possibly be compensated.

2) Cancelled practices will be made up either by using the next available time slot in the week, or by adding extra time (30-minutes) to already existing practices. Mondays are prone to a number of cancellations due to the rink booking Winter Holiday parties and commercial & photo/ video shoots.

Once I have collected all your responses, we’ll look to offer the most suitable skating times at the best possible cost.


TISC’s Year End Party & Awards will be held SATURDAY November 5th at 7pm. In a previous communication, I mistakenly wrote Friday November 5th. I am confirming the party will be held on the Saturday the 5th.

Location is 652 Santee Gate, Mississauga, Ontario, L5A2B7. Please confirm your attendance, including what you’ll bring as food for the pot-luck, by contacting Shannon Hegarty at


We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to help pitch in to sustain and grow our amazing sport. If you’d like to be involved with TISC and/or Roller Sports Canada in any capacity, please let me know. We need help with promotion, social media outreach, event organization, coaching and instruction programming and delivery, officiating, recruitment. The are numerous ways for you to become involved an a variety of depths in which you can become engaged. Please contact and we can discuss how you can become involved!

Always be well,

Peter Doucet- OCT
President- Toronto Inline Skating Club

TISC Year End Party- November 5th- Please RSVP for Potluck!

October 7, 2016

The Toronto Inline Skating Club will hold its annual End of Year Party & Awards on Saturday, November 5th 2016 at 7pm.

The event will include a pot-luck style dinner as well as Awards and volunteer recognition.

The End of Year Party will be held at 652 Santee Gate, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5A 2B7

Please RSVP, and include how many will attend and what you’d like bring as food for the pot-luck, to

Planning for the 2017 skating season is already underway. Hopefully by the time the End Of Year Party is held, we’ll have started the 2016-2017 Winter skating program and can shed some light on plans for Summer 2017. Whether you’re an ‘old timer’ or new to the sport, we invite you to join us, lace-up your skates, strap on your helmet, slip on your wrist guards, and enjoy going fast and working out!

Tonight (Sept 26) Cancelled Due To Wet Conditions

September 26, 2016

Today’s practice is cancelled because the ground is wet at the 400m track. See you this Thursday for the season’s final practice. Also FYI: TISC End Of Year Party & Awards on November 5th, details TBA.