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  1. Monica Romanescu says:


    I am interested in joining TISC in April. I would like to know how long are the training sessions in average (beginners) and how much is the one-year membership. Thank you for your time,

    • tiscadmin says:

      On average, training sessions are about 2 hours long. We typically run three groups – 1) learn to speed skate, 2) intermediate and 3) elite. The program structure for 2009 has yet to be determined and may change slightly. As soon as the board of directors and coaches decide on the programs – I’ll post it to the website and the user forums. Skaters will most likely be placed in a group based on how many show up to each practice and their ability level.

      The fee structure varies a little depending on the month you join the club. There are also family discounts available. Last season (2008) the full year membership was $105.

    • walter says:

      hi i want to join the tisc how do i go about doing that?

      • Peter Doucet says:

        Hi there-

        The forms and information for 2011 will be online shortly.

        To join, you need to
        – submit TISC completed registration form and payment
        – if you don’t have RSC membership, also submit form and payment
        – submit signed waiver

        You can bring all the forms to practice. The first practice is set for Tuesday April 5th at 6pm- as long as the weather is suitable. The venue- TBC- is the 400-meter track at Father Redmond School near Lakeshore and Kipling, next to Humber College.

  2. ASIK S ANSARI says:

    I would to be a interest in coming events to participat.

    I the Undersigned Mr. ASIK S. ANSARI.I am Super National Speed Skating Champion of India (gold medalist, 1995) & very famous In-line and Ice Speed Skater from India.I head been participated many nationals and internationals speed skating events and won many gold, silver and broonz medals in India,USA and UK.I am a certified coach from Federation International de Roller Skating (FIRS) with credential SC2. I am member of “Extreme Skating Club & Multi Sports Academy”.

    Please reply me urgent.


    • tiscadmin says:

      Greetings – our club is a diverse group which ranges from beginners and intermediates all the way to world class elites. We support all ages and abilities (except for complete beginners – skaters must at least, be able to start, stop and turn safely.) You are welcome to show up to any of our track practices to sign up. Outdoors we skate Tuesdays on a 200m track in Etobicoke/Mississauga area and a 400m track closer to Toronto. For more information, our new skating schedule has been posted on the site. Thank-you.

  3. Ann Kwon says:

    Hello. I am interested in joinning the club, but I am unable to make it on April 7th. May I come on the 9th and register?

    • tiscadmin says:

      Hello Ann – yes – you can actually show up to any of our practices to sign up. We have club representative at every practice.

  4. Peter Song says:

    My daughter, Aileen Song, used to member of your club before.
    Due to school, she had to stop it.
    Now she want to buy second hand in-line skate.
    Als0 she has very small one whcih I can sell it.
    Can you give me a idea on it.

    • tiscadmin says:

      Hello Peter – if you post this question to our Inline Skating Forums – you’ll get a better response from the community. This part of the site is for information regarding the club. The link to the forum follows:

      If you want an honest opinion on equipment – you’ll have to provide more detailed description of what you have and what you’re looking for.

  5. Patrick says:

    I want to join the roller skating club.
    Please send mail to me.
    Think you!

    • Peter Doucet says:

      Hi there- you can find all the necessary information on the right hand side of this website.

      Make sure you bring forms, skates, helmet, and wrist protection to the practice.

      If it’s raining, practice will be cancelled. Remember that the practices take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and being at 6pm. Look on the right hand side for directions-

  6. Priyanka says:

    Hi, I used to be a national roller skater in India. I came across your website and I am very pleased to have found it. I am interested in buying second hand, custom made inline skates and was wondering if you could direct me in the right direction.

    • tiscadmin says:

      Priyanka, by definition, custom made means that they are built to the specification of the skater. This implies, that unless your foot is exactly the same shape as the person who the skates were made for – they will not fit you. It’s not a good idea to buy custom made skates made for someone else. The most popular skate manufacturers are all on the web, a quick search of google should find you many. The most popular are Bont, Luigino, Powerslide, Rollerblade and Simmons. In Canada, there are only a handful of custom boot makers. is the only custom speed boot maker in the Toronto area and is currently not taking any orders for 2009.

  7. Luis says:

    Hey I wanna Know where can i find skate inline here in Toronto, can you tell me, where can I buy skates???? see ya

    • tiscadmin says:

      Luis – there are many retailers in Toronto. For some recommendations, please post your request to our forums and the community will gladly assist.

  8. Fabi says:


    I want to learn how to in line skate. I have never tried it before. Is this the right place for me?

    • tiscadmin says:

      Fabi – this is primarily a racing/speed skating club and we cater to participants with at least intermediate skating skills. If you are a beginner, I’d suggest taking some lessons from one of the local skate instructors. If you check our forms or post there – someone can direct you. You can also google: Stephen Fisher – he’s a well known instructor in Toronto.

  9. Brock says:


    Sorry to spam multiple sources (I’ve already posted on the forums). I live in Waterloo, and am considering commuting for occasional practices but won’t be able to make it consistently. Does it matter which practices I show up for, and if so, could you recommend one that would be a good first time out? I’m not sure how much training sessions vary. I’ve skated for a long time, but am new to speed skating. If it doesn’t matter when I show up, please say so and I’ll be happy to just drop in.


  10. Andres Vallejo says:

    My name is Andres Felipe Vallejo I’m 16 years old and I’m from Colombia, I’m really interested on spending my last higschool year as an interchange in the us also i practice speed skating and that’s something that I want to do for a long time. I’m writing you cause I would like to now if there’s any possibility for me to spend that year training and studding there n your teamr. I finish this season being 4th in the speed national ranking. I’ve been national champion and I get into the Antioquia’s team.
    Can you tell me prices or what kind of requirements do you have for me to stay there.
    Thanks a lot for your attention and I would really like your help

  11. Hola, soy patinador de cali colombia, desde hace 9 años y llego a la ciudad de Toronto el 18 de agosto a estudiar ingles pero deseo continuar con mi deporte, tengo 17 años y quiero contactarme con su club. favor enviar su numero telefonico gracias.

  12. Omega says:

    Hola, soy patinador de cali colombia, desde hace 9 años y llego a la ciudad de Toronto el 18 de agosto a estudiar ingles pero deseo continuar con mi deporte, tengo 17 años y quiero contactarme con su club. favor enviar su numero telefonico gracias.
    Emmanuel; Hola, soy patinador de cali colombia, desde hace 9 años y llego a la ciudad de Toronto el 18 de agosto a estudiar ingles pero deseo continuar con mi deporte, tengo 17 años y quiero contactarme con su club. favor enviar su numero telefonico gracias.

  13. hector deler says:

    My daughter is 8 years old.She practices in Cuba speedskating. We are russians.
    My question is:
    Do you have any way of overcoming for her and how much it costs

  14. pat mchale says:

    I have invented a new 400mm wheelbase skate…good for hockey…recreational…downhill…speedskating…..the design affords technical upper body control not found will current inlines. Check it out on youtube if you have an interest.

    Pat McHale

  15. Jamil Nanji says:

    I want to know where in toronto I can buy aggressive inline skates… thankyou.

    • tiscadmin says:

      Sorry – we don’t really keep tabs on retailers that sell recreational nor aggro inline skates. We are a speed skating club and our aim to service primarily that community. I’d suggest phoning the larger sporting goods retailers. They could point you in the right direction.

  16. md.noor hossain says:

    Dear sir/madem,
    I am md noor hossain I just cmpleted H.S.C. inline skating is my dream that one day I will be great skater in the world .that’s why I need your help. i want to take 2years cources From your institute. If it is possible please inform me if I want to come india for learning inline skating then what I have to do. What type of documents I have to show . or u may send me a offer letter / invitation letter. that may help me to come to your country/getting visa .sir please help me to achieve my dream .could u please reply as soon as possible..i know speaking English .

    My address-179/c,south goran, shantipur Dhaka.
    from bangladesh.

  17. Marta Pineda says:


    My son is 11 years old, he practiced inline speed skating in Medellin-Colombia. We arrived to Toronto on January and he wants to continue his training here.

    I want to know what we must to do for he starts.

    Thank you

    • tiscadmin says:

      We’d love to have your son skate with us. Stay tuned to this website – we will post all information about where we skate and when soon.

  18. Lionel Duval says:

    I would really like to join the club for the 2010 season, so that i can learn how to skate better and practise with professionals. How can i do that? I tried to call the hot line number + emailed but i didnt get any answer.
    Where are the practises in Toronto? How many times a week?
    Could you please help me with that?
    Thank you

    • tiscadmin says:

      Hi Lionel – we haven’t completely guaranteed the practice track locations yet. We are still working on them. We will post that information on the website as soon as we know for sure. The hotline is also not really for messages. No one checks those messages. The hotline is only used for outgoing information. Once we know where our practice locations will be, you can just show up on the specified day. Thanks for your inquiry.

  19. Dear TISC Representatives,
    As an avid Inline Skater (including ramp, track, and trails), I am participating and helping organize a series of events in Peterborough, Ontario this summer. Peterborough is rich in new and improving trails through the city and outward to neighbouring communities, such as Lakefield (home of the Ontario Speed Skating Oval). In support of development of the sport of inline skating, I would like to inquire if you have any contacts/info in the following areas. Interest in inline instruction, camps, and instuctors for developing a business here in Peterborough, this includes ramp, track, and trail. Also in IMMEDIATE need is an established Ramp Demonstration Team to showcase the sport AND show-off their talent at the Kawartha Wakeboard Festival, August 27-29th, 2010 here in Peterborough (Little Lake, Beavermead Campgrounds). Info on our organization and events can be found at Kawartha FEST is a not-for-profit organization committed to creating and supporting Festivals, Events, Sports, and Tourism (hence the FEST). All contact information for us may be found on this site!
    Any and all help in these two regards will be most appreciated! Many Thanx, Kirk

  20. asadollah goli says:

    I am civil engineer and also I am 40 years old speed skater in iran, i want to have some civil detail of 200m inline roller skate track and 400m road.
    some information like the kind of finished covering of the track with suplayer, an construction joint in slab on grade of track, the slope of the both corner of the track and more.
    thank you
    best rigard

  21. kate says:

    Hi, Could you recommend a retailer in Toronto? I’m new to inline skating and I’d like to test out several brands.

    • Board of Directors Member says:

      For inline speed skates, there are no retailers in Toronto. Check the about TISC page for the most local retailers, including Schankel Canada and Il Peloton.

  22. mohammad says:

    i am roller hockey player from pakistan and i want know about that what is the prosigder applying for the roller skating courses in england acadmi i have many axpirience about roller hokcey and inline skaking i have been playing since 1995 to still countinue i hope you will not disapointed me ans well waiting.

  23. braham says:

    Im 39yrs old. and intersted to learn roller skates could u help in that and how thanks

  24. Tim Lee says:

    Hi there, I am Tim Lee from Beijing,China. I was a roller speed skating player ,participated numerous kinds of matches and have good ranking here. However , I ‘ve been a coach which is the highest level in china for a couple of years , I have a club here and love to teach students. If I could work in your club , it should be a excited thing , if you are interested in me , please contact me. Thank you .

  25. Alex says:

    Where can I buy speed skates in Toronto?



    Dear Sirs

    We invite your club registered with it to participate in the X International Tournament of InlineSpeed Skating “TIVOLI – Terras do Infante / Lagos dos Descobrimentos,” to be held in Lagos – Algarve – Portugal from 18 to 20 February 2012.

    * INFORMATIONS and REGISTRATION FORM about our Competition – X TIVOLI – TERRAS DO INFANTE – LAGOS DOS DESCOBRIMENTOS – 18 – 20 February in Lagos – Algarve – Portugal:

    Click to access invitation.pdf

    * Images from 2011 event // , ALGARVE, our region–OlsU&feature=related, and our main sponsor the HOTEL TIVOLI


    Click to access reg.%202012_ingls.pdf

    Click to access calendrio%20ingls.pdf

    I ask that if you can publicize the event in your website, making known to all your teams and skaters. If you can send this information to your contacts, thank you.

    Our competition have also a 25Km road race for MASTERS.

    We are able to accommodate groups of skaters who want to come for more days, and may train and rides on roller skates, which can be arranged. We offers excellent accommodation and meals. We have diferents places to train: Bank Track with 200m, road circuits 400m, also in the parking area of the International Autodromo Portimão, with circuits of 1 km and 3 km, 20/25km from Lagos.

    If you need any more information I am at your disposal.

    Enjoy …

    Best Regards, and I hope will see you in Portugal in February 2012.

  27. catalin tomsa says:

    Hello everyone I was hoping someone could recomend a place where i can get a good deal on skates. I’m a recreational skater but I enjoy going fast so I’m looking for at least 100mm wheels. Any help would be much appreciated

  28. TISC rep says:

  29. sandeep rana says:

    Hi my name is sandeep Rana and I am 21 yr old .I am realy intrested to join your inline skating club and I have participated many international tournaments and I won gold ,silver and bronze medals at national level in India and I am student right now living in Brampton and looking for skating clubs and then I saw your site I’m realy intrested to join the club sir please show me.the way how can I join and what I have to do.




    My son Kailash is a good skater and would like to take practice for inline skating. He has been doing roller skating (quad category) from the age of 6 yrs and has won district, state and national championships in India. He started off with inline skating for a month and after that had to relocate to Canada. I would like to continue his skating career as it provides a mental and physical balance and he is also interested very much to continue the same. Kailash is an aggressive skater and I beleive that TISC is the right choice for him to sustain and grow further up in his sports career.


    Please let me know how to join the club and whom to contact and the location.

  32. Luiz Neto says:

    Hi , my name is Luiz, and I’d like to know if you know where I can buy a aggressive inline rollerblade in torono, I’ll be very grateful if you can answer me that

  33. Stephen Qi says:

    how many skaters do you have in your club now, do you have many kids involve in because my daughter is eight years old.
    Do you have a standard out door 200meter banked track?
    good luck

  34. André says:

    Hello, i’m looking for taking agressive inline classes, so i’m wondering if you know anyone available in the city of Toronto. Thank you in advance.

  35. jay says:

    Hai Andre, where is the location? is it in scarborough? I would like to make my son join as he is a good roller skating champ.

  36. Phil says:

    To who it may concern,
    We are a group of inline skaters that also organize speed skating events.

    We would like to extend the invitation to your club.
    Check out events

    And for speed skating we have marathons too in August.

    We hope to see you there.

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