TISC Skaters At Minto Run For Reach

A group of about 10 skaters from the Toronto area traveled to Ottawa to skate the Minto Run For Reach 21km. The race, held in Ottawa, was this season’s first outdoor event.

Almost 100 skaters from Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto took to the scenic roads in Ottawa. This is a big improvement over last year’s race when just over 50 skaters started the race.

This year, 22 Skaters broke the 40-minute barrier compared to only 3 who were under 40-minutes at the 2008 event.

Top-3 Women
1- Sarah Hopkins- Il Peloton (TISC)
2- Morgane Echardour (TISC)
3- Martine Charbonneau- K2/ Empire

Top 3 women- left to right: Martine Charbonneau, Morgane Echardour, Sarah Hopkins- photo from Peter Doucet

Top-3 Men
1- Peter Doucet- TISC
2- Sergio Almeralla- Il Peloton
3- Morgan Williams- Il Peloton (TISC)

TISC’s Morgan Williams (left) and Georg Nikodym (right) flank Benoit Letourneau- photo from Cor1000

Use the following links to find results, photos, and reports-

TISC’s coach Peter Doucet on his way to the fastest time- photo from Nathalie Larouche

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