TISC Foursome a Force in Pennsylvania Racing

May 25, 2014

Four TISC members were in action this weekend in Trexlertown, PA in this season’s first Eastern Seaboard Series.

Herb Gayle, Morgane Echardour, Peter Doucet, and Shannon Hegarty all raced well. The four combined for seven podium finishes in distances that included 300m and 1000m time trials and 15km group races.

Hegarty and Echardour combined for a 2-3 finish in the Pro Women while Peter Doucet, who skated the competition’s 4th fastest 1000m, placed 2nd in Pro Master and 3rd in Pro Men.

TISC Skaters Finish 2nd & 4th in Victoriaville, Quebec

May 12, 2014

TISC members Peter Doucet & Morgane Echardour competed in Victoriaville on Saturday at the Bonjour Printemps of the Grand Défie de Victoriaville.

The pair raced in a 10km points race on a beautiful 400m track under very windy conditions. Echardour finished 2nd in the women’s race & Doucet finished 4th in the men’s.

Morgan Williams Wins Pro Veteran At Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN

September 25, 2013

Morgan Williams led the way for TISC at this year’s Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN, USA. He won the Pro Veteran Men’s category in a sprint finish, collecting a hefty pay cheque to accompany his victory.

Joining Williams representing TISC: Maggie Dort (3rd place in Advanced), Morgane Echardour (6th place in Pro Elite Women), Peter Doucet and Kerry Taylor (21km in her quad skates).

All results can be found here: http://northshoreinline.com/race-results/

Alain Quintard Takes on Niaraga Falls MS Bike Tour on Skates!

September 6, 2013

Last Sunday, I skated the MS Bike Tour in Niagara Falls. I was well prepared for this non-competitive event in a very scenic area made for cyclists; in other words, only a few easy-going long distance outings were sufficient to get ready to take the challenge.

From my last year’s participation, I developed a strategy to have a better experience. Basically, I wanted to avoid the very rough and endless stretches of country roads that made a mess of both my feet. I wanted to skate the very smooth -flat road alongside the Niagara River for as much as I could. From the end of the Lake Erie section to almost until the Falls, turn around and come back skating on the same surface. With the help of my GPS, I could calculate how far I had to go before turning around so I would skate the full planned 75 Kms. Simple enough, would you say? Well, things didn’t happen exactly as planned…

First, I left home at 6:30 to be there by 8:00. With the start scheduled for 8:30, I would have plenty of time to get ready. First surprise: when I arrived there just a few minutes after 8:00, the first wave of riders were ready to go: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Go! So I rushed to get my bib but, next surprise: they couldn’t find it! Finally, an MS volunteer took any available number and off I went. I got dressed in a record time, turned on my GPS / heart rate monitor / MP3 player, put the ear phones, the sun glasses, helmet and wrist guards and went back to the starting line to find that all riders were gone: I was the last one to hit the road! Nevertheless, I was in a good spirits: skating for MS, is fulfilling for me as I know I contribute something to help people less fortunate than myself – re. their health. The sky was cloudless, the sun up but not yet too hot and there was a slight breeze to cool you down. No more time to waste: it was time to go!

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TISC Teams Rock Montreal 24 Hours!

August 26, 2013

Toronto Inline Skating Club members skated their hearts out at this year’s 24 Hour Roller Montreal.

Eric Gee-

I wanted to take a moment, while the memory of the event was still fresh and thank everyone for contributing to the two TISC teams. You all fought hard and skated well. Despite the fatigue, cold and wind, all I saw were smiles on faces 🙂

TISC 1 finished 726km, good for 6th overall (5th in category), TISC2 finished 546km, good for 26th overall (14th in category). Alex Rudy was a member of the winning team, Il Peloton. Congratulations to everyone who skated and thank you to everyone who helped the skaters survive the amazing and challenging experience.

Also, a special mention to Eric Gee for all his work and to TISC’s Board of Directors for supporting this initiative.


Photo from Marie Eve Leblanc

TISC’s Morgane Echardour And Peter Doucet Competing in Belgium’s Flanders Grand Prix

August 17, 2013

The Toronto Inline Skating Club is fielding two skaters at this weekend’s Flanders Grand Prix in Zandvoorde, Belgium.

The duo are taking part in the three day competition which is attracting over 500-skaters, including some of the World’s fastest!



Photo from here

TISC Hosts Season’s RSO Series Finale- Small Turnout, Good Racing!

July 30, 2013

This past Sunday, TISC hosted the RSO Series finale.

A few TISC members took the event as an opportunity to compete for the first time ever. Thanks for coming out!

TISC will now set its aim on preparing the club and its members for the 24-Hours Roller Montreal, which is taking place in about four weeks. TISC will field two teams made up of 10 skaters on each team.

Congratulations to all the skaters who took part in this year’s series. A big thank you to everyone that contributed to the series.


Photo from Peter Doucet

TISC Skaters Win and Place Well at Montreal’s Roller Marathon

July 23, 2013

TISC’s Morgane Echardour won the women’s marathon at this July’s Montreal Roller Marathon.

Alex Rudy and Peter Doucet also put up strong performances, placing 5th and 6th and finishing with the lead pack. Juan Diego Zuluaga won the marathon.


Alex Rudy (in 2nd place)


Peter Doucet (in 4th place)



Morgane Echardour (front)

TISC Welcomes Skaters at Canadian Championships, Skater Perform Well

July 9, 2013

The Toronto Inline Skating Club hosted the 2013 Canadian Outdoor Championships. The event, which features multiple age categories as well as a category for those who are newer to the sport, attracted skaters from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

9226009551_475c294a48 (1)

Photo Georg Nikodym


Photo Georg Nikodym














Photo Georg Nikodym


Photo Georg Nikodym

TISC Hosts RSO Series #1, Results & Pics

May 26, 2013

TISC hosted the first stage of the 2013 RSO Series. TISC skaters got to race and test themselves over three distances, including a 300-meter individual time-trial, 500-meter small group race and a 10km elimination race.

TISC provided volunteers and logistical support, playing a vital role in running a nice event for the skaters.

This was the first time brothers and newcomers to TISC Karan and Suraj Aulakh competed. Alex Rudy and Morgane Echardour were the top finishers for men and women.

The next stage for RSO Series will take place on the 400-meter track at Father Redmond, next to Humber College. Everyone is invited to skate- participate and put up their fastest times!


Photo by Peter Doucet


Photo by Peter Doucet