TISC Summer Event- Roll The Stars – August 27th – Event Information

We are pleased to host an inline skating event on August 27th on our home track. This is the follow up event to the successful July 16th Skate-A-Fest! Skaters of all speeds, experience, and ages are invited to come out and enjoy a beautiful day of skating, speed, and racing on our home track, a 400-meter asphalt oval near the north shore of Lake Ontario.

  • When: August 27th 2022
  • Where: 400-meter track next to Father Redmond School and Ken Cox Community Center, 28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8V 4B7
  • Categories and Distances:
    Age Classfor participants NEWER to skating and with LESS experience
    – 5 years old and under – 100-meter, 200-meter
    – 6 to 7 years old male/ female – 200-meter, 400-meter
    – 8 to 9 years old male/ female – 400-meter, 800-meter
    – 10 to 11 years old male/ female – 400-meters, 1200-meters
    – 12 to 14 years old and above male/ female – 400-meters, 2000-meters
    – 15 to 17 years old and above male/ female – 400-meters, 2000-meters
    – 18 years years old and above male/ female – 400-meters, 2000-meters
    Open Categoryfor participants experienced in skating and races
    – Open Category: Junior 19 and under, Senior 20 and over, Master 45 and over- male and female – 800-meters, 5km elimination (3 skaters remain to finish, last elimination is with 2 laps to go (lap counter shows 2 laps remaining for leaders, subsequent eliminations every 2 laps, for example on lap 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. Lapped skaters may be eliminated, this nullifying the upcoming elimination).
    * The age of the participant on December 31st of this year will be used to designate the age category
    * Participants taking part in the Open Category races may also participate in the Age Class races
  • Schedule of Events, Times:
    7:30am: Registration opens, please check-in at the table near the sound-system on the East side of the track next to Father Redmond school.
    8am: first race * the following schedule may be adjusted due to number of participants and field size. Some distances and groups may be combined. Please listen for any announcements during the competition with regard to schedule changes.
    – Races will be held approximately every 10-minutes: 5- 100m at 8am, 6-7 male 400m at 8:10am, 6-7 female 400m at 8:20am, 8-9 male 400m at 8:30am, 8-9 female 400m at 8:40am, 10-11 male 400m at 8:50am, 10-11 female 400m at 9am, 12-13 male 400m at 9:10am, 12-13 female 400m at 9:20am, Open 800m at 9:40am, 5- 200m at 9:50am, 6-7 male 400m at 10am, 6-7 female 400m at 10:10am, 8-9 male 800m at 10:20am, 8-9 female 800m at 10:30am, 10-11 male 1200m at 10:40am, 10-11 female 1200m at 10:50am, 12-13 male 2000m at 11am, 12-13 female 2000m at 11:10am, Open 5km elimination at 11:30am
    – Awards and Medals Presentations: 12pm
    – 1pm: competition will be closed
  • Awards: Medals, certificates.
  • Perks: Freezies, stickers for race bib (number) after your race, music will be played too!
  • Results: Click here for full results (PDF)
  • Media- Pictures & Videos: Click here for photo album
  • Contact: torontoinline@yahoo.com
  • Call Area: Skaters will be asked to gather in the call area before their event/ distance/ race so that they are ready to be bought to the starting line. The call area will be outlined with Caution tape and will be located on the South East side of the track next to Father Redmond School across from the event tent near the finish line.
  • Rules: Helmet is required for all participants. Those under 16 years of age must use wrist/ palm protection, knee, and elbow protection. No shortcuts allowed. All skaters must obey the starting commands. No skating on the track when participant isn’t racing. No pushing, pulling, or knocking down other participants. No false starts. Please follow instructions of event officials/ judges/ referees. No tripping or bumping or blocking other participants. A race number (bib) must be worn on the left hip. No earphones or audio devices allowed to be worn. Finish is determined by the leading part of the skate that is on the ground that reaches the first edge of the finish line; if first skate is in the air, then the trailing skate will be used to determine the finish. No weaving (side to side) and no blocking or impeding other participants’ progress. Parents may greet children at the finish line in the call area. Additional rules available here.
  • Registration and Entry Fee: $25 registration fee for Age Class, Open Category is $30 registration fee (open class can also participate in Age Class races too), registration deadline is August 25th at 10pm. You can pay via PayPal, Interact e-Transfer to torontoinline@yahoo.com (please make password “Skating“). Once you submit registration form, you will be contacted to complete payment.
  • Weather Policy: The event will be shut down in the event of local storms and lightning. Precipitation may cause cancelation or adjustment to the competition schedule.
  • Disclaimer: *By submitting this form, you indicate that you have reviewed and are agreeing to the following Waivers and Forms (#1, #2, and #3). There is no need to print or submit these. #1) The Waiver [Waiver for Member] [Waiver for Visitor or Guest


2 Responses to TISC Summer Event- Roll The Stars – August 27th – Event Information

  1. Quinquin says:

    Salut Peter,

    Je serai là!!!

    À quelle heure le matin? 6:30 comme l’autre fois?


  2. Peter Doucet says:

    Oui! Je serai la a l’heure cette fois!!

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