TISC Season: First Skate April 9th- Forms & Information Coming Soon

March 29, 2018

The TISC season will begin on April 9th with a skate at 6pm at Father Redmond track (location information here). The program will be similar to 2017, with same registration requirements (complete payment, register with RSC, complete TISC registration, review Equity and Climate policy, agree to waiver) equipment requirements (skates, helmet required, wrist or palm protection required, clothing suitable for the day’s weather condition since we skate outside, Youth need elbow & knee protection, no earphones or ear buds), and safety protocols.

The most significant changes this year include the Youth program, which begins in May, will ONLY be run on Thursdays 6pm to 6:45pm. Mondays, starting in May, will be reserved for learn-to-skate semi-private lessons. We will be looking for instructors who will be paid to run lessons and of course clients to take lessons. If you want to instruct or wish to take lessons, please communicate with torontoinline@yahoo.com – more information to come.

Forms will be updated early next week so you can register and sign-up.


TISC Annual General Meeting: March 20th

March 9, 2018

The Toronto Inline Skating Club will hold its 2018 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday March 20th 2018 at 8:15pm via conference call.

Members of the Toronto Inline Skating Club are asked to confirm their attendance in order to receive details for how to participate in the conference call as well as to receive documents including: Minutes from 2017 meeting, Agenda, Proposed Budget, and an Outline for the 2018 season.

Please confirm your attendance by contacting torontoinline@yahoo.com

Toronto Speed Skating Club Open House- February 19th

February 18, 2018

The Toronto Speed Skating Club is holding an open house tomorrow- February 19th. Stop by, check it out, get on the ice!!

RSVP for TISC Year End Party & Awards

November 26, 2017

TISC members and friends are invited to this year’s TISC’s Year End Party & Awards on SATURDAY December 2nd at 5pm.

The location is 652 Santee Gate, Mississauga, Ontario, L5A2B7.

Please confirm your attendance, including what you’ll bring as food for the pot-luck, by contacting Shannon Hegarty at shannonlhegarty@hotmail.com

Winter Skating at Scooter’s- Need More Skaters, TISC End Of Year Party- Save the Date- Dec. 2nd @ 5pm

November 17, 2017

Winter Skating at Scooter’s- Need More Skaters

We hope to start winter skating at Scooter’s Roller Palace in Mississauga on Monday December 4th with doors open at 7:30pm and skating starting at 8pm. We aim to host skating on Mondays until the end of March.

Demand is very low right now, and we need at least four more people to commit because the cost of using the rink is fixed and set. The cost for each skater for the season is based on how many skaters commit to skating, so the more who sign-up, the cheaper it will be to skate: if 5 skaters sign-up they will each pay $510 ($30 per practice) for the season for use of the facility, if 8 skaters sign-up they will each pay $319 ($18.76 per practice) for the season for use of the facility, if 11 skaters sign-up they will each pay $232 ($13.65 per practice) for the season for use of the facility- PLUS all who join will pay $30 to access TISC Winter Program.

Please get back Peter Doucet at torontoinline@yahoo.com by November 25th to let me know you will be skating. I will contact you with confirmation if we are skating, and I will provide more details about signing up & payment, cancellations & refunds, program information and a few rules, and other details about what we need help with. I will post a message if we are not skating this Winter.

TISC End Of Year Party- Save the Date- Dec. 2nd @ 5pm

We will be holding the TISC End Of Year Party & Awards on December 2nd at 5pm at Morgane & Peter’s home located at 652 Santee Gate in Mississauga. Current and past TISC members and friends are invited to this pot-luck event. RSVP and invitation will be coming soon.

Planning for 2018, Become Involved

The TISC Board is beginning to plan for the 2018 season. If you would like to get involved with running and helping deliver initiatives and plans, please get in touch with me. We need help with running programs (coaching & instruction), events (planning, managing, delivering), promotion (get the word out, get skaters in), skater registration and check-in, web presence (newsletters, communication), and of course serving on the Board of Directors. Whether you can help in one of these areas of need, or you have expertise and motivation to help out in other areas, please talk to us at practice, or contact Peter Doucet at torontoinline@yahoo.com

Save the Date: TISC Year End Party & Awards are set for Saturday December 2nd

November 7, 2017

Save the Date: TISC Year End Party & Awards are set for Saturday December 2nd at 5pm in Mississauga at Morgane Echardour, Peter Doucet, and Sophie Doucet’s home. More information including RSVP coming soon.

Winter Indoor Skating- Let Me Know If You Will Participate

October 18, 2017

Hello skaters-

I will soon look into winter indoor skating options. As the Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club is ceasing to operate, volunteers have stepped-in to help organize an indoor program on behalf of TISC.

Skating would likely take place at the Scooter’s Roller Palace in Mississauga either on Sunday mornings or Monday evenings, with costs ranging between $12 and $22 per practice per person. The only significant change from recent years is the skating will be organized through the Toronto Inline Skating Club.

I will look at meeting with Scooter’s management to discuss exact cost for renting their facility and what days & times are available.

Please let me know by October 28th by contacting me at torontoinline@yahoo.com if you will commit to skating with TISC at Scooter’s at the price-point and times I mentioned.

Once I have heard from everyone and after I have met with Scooter’s management, I will announce if indoor skating will take place this winter. I will then ask for your commitment (registering with TISC for the winter, paying floor fees), and I will also provide details (start date, which days we’ll be skating, who the programming will be geared toward, exact costs).

The final cost per practice for each skater will be calculated once we know the final number of committed skaters, so it’s important you let me know by October 28th if you will be skating with us this winter.

ALSO: We need help to organize and manage the Club and practices & programs. Please let me know if you would like to become involved as an instructor, coach, or volunteer in other capacities.