2021 TISC- Info, Membership Application

August 1, 2021

All the information related to the Toronto Inline Skating Club’s 2021 season and how to register with the Toronto Inline Skating Club is included in this post. If you have questions, please contact torontoinlin@yahoo.com

The Toronto Inline Skating Club will resume activities on Monday August 2nd 2021 at 6pm on the 400-meter track next to Father Redmond School at Colonel Samuel Smith Park. TISC members and guest will be able to enjoy skating every Monday, weather dependent (must be dry conditions), until the final session on September 27th 2021.

Please carefully review the following information. The membership application form for all is below).


All components of registration for membership must be completed prior to participating in TISC activities.

  1. Read and review the following documents (no need to print or submit them: 1) The Waiver [Waiver for Member] [Waiver for Visitor or Guest], 2) TISC Equity Climate Governance statement, and 3) COVID-19 Assumption of Risk
  2. Read all the information below that follows below
  3. Complete and submit the membership application form below (scroll down), which by submitting indicates you have reviewed and agree to the three documents under point 1 (Waiver, Equity Climate Statement, COVID-19 Assumption of Risk)
  4. Complete payment; TISC will accept payment via Paypal (you will be invoiced somewhat shortly after you have submitted your registration), cheque or cash (must be submitted in-person prior to participation)


  • ONTARIO COVID-19 SELF ASSESSMENT: Complete the Ontario COVID-19 Self Assessment prior to arrival at the venue/ location for participation in TISC programming and activities, and only attend and participate when the screening allows. [Click here for Ontario COVID-19 Self Assessment]
  • SIGN-IN: Complete sign-in: prior to participating in TISC programming and activities, sign-in must be completed. This includes completing COVID-19 screening and physically signing a paper proving attendance. Attendance and participation can only occur if the screening allows. A sign-in area will be set-up and designated. Distance from others (see below) will be enforced and must be adhered.
  • SANITIZER: Sanitizer will be available on-site and available for TISC Members, Guests, and Visitors, and Accompanying Parties.
  • FACE COVERING: Bring a face covering for use when at the venue/ location of TISC programming and activities. A face covering must cover both the mouth and chin. These will be required to be worn at certain moments during TISC programming and activities. When face covering are required will be communicated and monitored by the Coach and/ or Instructor and/ or TISC Volunteers.
  • DISTANCE FROM OTHERS: Unless informed otherwise by Coach and/ or Instructor and/ or TISC Volunteers, TISC Members, Guests, and Visitors, and Accompanying Parties, Coaches, Instructors, Volunteers must remain 3-meters from other TISC Members, Guests, and Visitors, and Accompanying Parties, Coaches, Instructors, Volunteers who do not reside in the same household.
  • SAFETY PLAN: The Toronto Inline Skating Club has developed a Safety Plan. You can review it here. It will also be printed and available on-site during TISC programming and activities. [Click here for safety plan]
  • TISC COVID-19 WAIVER: Please review the COVID-19 Waiver [Click here to read TISC’s COVID-19 Waiver]


The Toronto Inline Skating Club has purchased an insurance plan in order to operated and offer programming and activities. Members, Guests, and Visitors of the Toronto Inline Skating Club do not have access to or coverage for Sport Accident insurance through membership to TISC or via participation in TISC programming and activities. Those who participate with TISC (Members, Visitors, Guests) are responsible for all costs related to injuries and sport accident sustained during and related to TISC programming and activities. It is recommended that Members, Visitors, and Guests assess their own risk and exposure and consider any liabilities and potential costs related to sport accidents and injuries and make their own decision related to purchasing or not purchasing Sport Accident insurance.


This is a list of what you’ll need for a better experience skating with TISC:

  • Helmet (mandatory) that fits properly and has not made contact with the ground and is not damaged during a fall
  • Skates (all types of skates are suitable)
  • Wrist guards or palm protection (mandatory)
  • Water bottle (filled with water)
  • Clothing for activity, suitable for the day’s weather


If you can start rolling, stop safely, turn in both directions, skate on a variety of terrain (up hill, downhill, rough asphalt, over curbs, hop over small obstacles), and you’re stable on your skates, then TISC is the right place for you to improve your fitness, technique, group skills, and race strategies.


You can expect the 2021 TISC programming and activities to be deeply influenced by COVID-19 prevention measures and health and safety considerations. This means a lot of activities offered at TISC will be individual and technical drills. Pacing, timed, and pursuit activities will also be used. There will also be agility-based activates offered.

There will be minimal drafting (skating close behind another skater) and no relays until it has been made clear through health regulations, health and safety considerations, facility owners and operators (the City of Toronto), and other regulatory bodies and authorities that these can safely and legally take place. 


The Toronto Inline Skating Club will offer two options outside of TISC membership for Guest and Visitors

  • GUEST: A guest is defined as an individual who has never held a TISC membership at any time prior to 2021. The cost is $20 to participate in two (2) TISC session/ activity/ practice held any Monday in August and September 2021 from 6pm to 8pm. An individual may act as a guest one time. To continue participating in TISC programming and activities after an individual has acted as a guest, the individual must either do so as a visitor or as a member.
  • VISITOR: A visitor is defined as an individual who has held a TISC membership at any time prior to 2021. The cost is $20 to participate in one (1) TISC session/ activity/ practice held any Monday in August and September 2021 from 6pm to 8pm. The number of times an individual may attend and participate as a visitor is unlimited. Each TISC session/ activity/ practice will cost $20 for the individual.


TISC has a supply of rental racing skates (low boots, carbon fiber shell, big wheels!) available to its members. To receive rental skates, all components of TISC membership must be complete, payment and forms must first be completed and deposits must be made prior to skates being rented.

Cost is $100 for the season starting in April to end of September + a $400 security deposit (post dated cheque which will be returned when the rental skaters are returned to TISC in similar condition than when rented), $50 is skates are returned within 1-month of the start of the rental. As the outdoor season passes (April to September), the rental rate is reduced by $10 for each month (example: $100 to rent April to September, $90 May to September, $80 June to September…). To rent skates, please speak with a club volunteer at practice or communicate with us at torontoinline@yahoo.com


  • Use of helmet and hand or wrist protection is compulsory. You must wear your protective equipment at all times. Additional equipment (wrist and knee protection and mouth guard) is recommended.
  • Skaters 15 years old and younger must wear elbow and knee protection. Parents/ guardians can sign-off on required use of elbow and/ or knee protection.
  • Use of personal listening devices & earphones (mp3 players, etc) is forbidden
  • Prior to skating with TISC, membership application must be completed and all relevant documents (waivers, health, equity) must be reviewed, and payment must be completed.
  • Bring your own water/ hydration/ food/ nutrition.
  • Sign-in must be completed prior to participation.
  • Follow the passing rules for the location (if unsure please ask the coach or instructor).  Leave lots of room between yourself and the skater(s) you’re passing.
  • Each member or guest must sign in on the “Sign In” sheet at each practice.
  • Stay alert to others using venues- tracks, trails and streets- and be courteous at all times. Be mindful of, and vigilant for, other participants, skaters, cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles, which may share the road and may constitute a danger to you. Occasionally you will encounter those who act in a reckless or dangerous manner. Do not initiate a confrontation, but rather, if the situation warrants it, report the person/vehicle to the police. During TISC programming and activities, coach, instructor, or a TISC volunteer will handle the situation.
  • Avoid water, sand, dirt, grass, oil, debris, uneven or broken pavement, manhole covers and ‘road snakes’ (cracks sealed with tar). When skating in packs or groups, alert others to any oncoming hazards verbally and/or by pointing to the hazard side.
  • Please consult the website, and use the facebook page, and listen-up at practice for practice and event cancellations due to weather conditions (made approximately 1-2 hour prior to start time) and/ or club attendance at competitions, other special club events.
  • Please review and familiarize yourself with the section on Equity, Climate and Governance
  • Unless otherwise noted, all practice venues are alcohol free and smoking is prohibited. These are policies and requirements of property owners and managements of the venues and facilities where TISC holds permits for the use of the venues and facilities.
  • TISC programming and activities make use of group and individual drills and moment. This includes skating in groups, drafting, passing, moving and switching positions within the group (pack/ peloton), relays, technical drills, agility exercises, time-trials, wide and sharp turns, accelerations, decelerations, pacing, pursuits, races, competitions, balancing drills, isolating skating movements, and timed events.


Registration DateFee for individual adultFee for Student, 55 years and over, and one additional Family Member. For 3rd and each subsequent additional family member reduce the fee below by $20
August 2$165$130
August 16$130$100
August 30$90$70
September 13 $55$40

Completing and submitting this application indicates you have reviewed and agree to the documents (linked at the beginning of this post): 1) The Waiver , 2) TISC Equity Climate Governance statement, and 3) COVID-19 Assumption of Risk. There is NO NEED TO SIGN the documents. The submission of your application is considered as your review and agreement. A Paypal invoice will be sent to you.

For family members, please complete an application for each individual. For example, a family of three would submit three membership applications.

Let’s Roll: TISC to Resume Skating August 2nd

July 23, 2021

That’s right! We’re baaack! Actually, TISC never went away. We’ve just been waiting, and planning, and waiting. And finally, we strike! We will be able to roll!!!

With the help of several meetings, a lot of paper work, safety precautions, permit and insurance requirements, sorting through a lot of confusion and uncertainty, the TISC Board of Directors is pumped up and supper happy to let you know we will be rolling again on the 400-meter track at Father Redmond (near Lake Shore and Kipling in Etobicoke (Toronto)) starting Monday August 2nd at 6pm.

Yes, things WILL be different, but skating itself will reign supreme!

  • Skating will take place on Mondays for all of August and September at 6pm, weather permitting
  • COVID-19 prevention measures and keeping everyone safe will influence how the skating program is delivered
  • Membership fees will be structured differently than in the past, more info coming later
  • There will be NO Sport Accident insurance through TISC. Those who skate with TISC (members, visitors, guests) are responsible for all costs related to injuries and sport accident sustained during and related to TISC activities and programming
  • All wishing to participate will be required to 1) pre-register online (the form should be online on our website late next week or over the weekend of July 31/ August 1); a couple of days before practice), 2) pay all fees (we take Paypal), 3) complete sign-in which includes a health check and attestation related to COVID-19, 4) as usual have your skates and all required protective equipment and be ready to rock on skates

For 2021, TISC will only skate on Mondays. We used to use the 200-meter track at Lake Shore and Brown’s Line. But if you go there and check out the track for yourself, you’ll see all gates are locked and there are portables that have been installed directly on the track!

We hope to have full and complete details online, with the site (mostly) updated by next weekend (July 31/ August 1). Stay tuned, and keep on touch on TISC’s Facebook page or via e-mail at torontoinline@yahoo.com

Early June 2021 Update- Brampton Speed Skating

June 3, 2021

Hello skaters! TISC is hoping to get rolling at some point this year, but there is no clarity (yet) about when we will be able to resume operations and start skating.

Some skaters will be meeting to skate soon, and these meetings are NOT TISC organized or sanctioned events. We are simply raising awareness of group skates, practices, training opportunities, and meetings. Coach Larry Magloire, long-time TISC member since 1993, will be hosting skating practices in Brampton at Bramalea Secondary School (510 Balmoral Drive, Brampton, Ontario, L6T-1W4) on Saturday mornings at 9:30am.

Please note this is not learn-to-skate. Those wishing to attend should have the ability to start and stop rolling, be well balance on skates without toppling over, be able to turn right and left, can come to a stop and control speed, and be in general good control of their skating, and have basic knowledge of how to skate with others (drafting, matching strides, stepping in and out of the pack (group/ peloton), how to come in contact with other skaters, how to pass and be passed and general track awareness).

See his message below, and let Larry know that you’ll be coming (if you don’t have his contact information, then let us know at torontoinline@yahoo.com

Hope everyone is looking forward to enjoying the warm weather and staying safe. I am planning to be at the Bramalea Secondary high school track for 9am each Saturdays starting June 5 to July 31. Practice starts at 9:30am. The track surface is very smooth and flat, great for practicing technique. Reaching out to those who want track time if road skating is not available in your area. I am not skating the next couple months due to long term ankle recovery but as Coach, training programs are available and it would be great to see the skating community once more. Hope you can make it, weather permitting. Washrooms are not available. Please let me know to expect you. Bicycle helmet, wrist guards are mandatory. Knee pads and elbow pads are optional. Bring water! Thanks and have a safe day.

TISC Update: 2021 Season

April 13, 2021

The Toronto Inline Skating Club has been on “standby mode” since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic in early 2020.

TISC’s operations and programming are dependent on requirements and permissions from venue owners (City of Toronto, School Boards) as well as local, regional, Provincial, and National health and sporting authorities.

TISC’s Board of Directors is looking at options for return to skating in 2021. This return will depend on whether the aforementioned authorities make it possible for TISC to resume operations and run skating programs.

At this point, there is no start-up date for TISC resuming activities, since the requirements and restrictions are a function of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the situation is very fluid and unpredictable.

New for 2021- No RSC Registration, No Sport Accident Insurance: In the event TISC is able to offer skating programming to members in 2021, TISC members will not be required to register with Roller Sports Canada (RSC). RSC is not currently accepting registrations, and RSC will not offer Sport Accident insurance (for practices/ training and competition) to registrants once it accepts registrations. Insurance policies of any type (including Sport Accident insurance policies) are not currently and have never been included with TISC membership. TISC members are free to purchase their own Sport Accident insurance policy.

Reminder: AGM April 18th: This is a reminder that the Toronto Inline Skating Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held April 18th at 5pm. Details will be published shortly. If you have any questions, please contact torontoinline@yahoo.com

TISC’s Chandra Mouli and Inline Speed Skating Featured in All-Round Champion Season 3

March 25, 2021

Notice: 2021 TISC Annual General Meeting: April 18th at 5pm

March 18, 2021

The Toronto Inline Skating Club will hold its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, April 18th at 5pm.

Full meeting details, including who is eligible to participate & vote, how to join the meeting (it will be held virtually), the Agenda, the Proposed Budget, and the Minutes from the last Meeting (December 2019) will be shared about one week from the meeting date.

If you have any questions, please contact torontoinline@yahoo.com

TISC- 2020 Start Up Postponement Due to COVID 19

March 24, 2020

The Toronto Inline Skating Club will postpone its start to the 2020 season indefinitely after giving consideration to advisories and recommendations from Health, Government, and Sporting authorities regarding the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Once activities and gatherings such as TISC’s are cleared to resume by Health, Government, and Sporting authorities, TISC start-up plans will be announced.

The Toronto Inline Skating Club is well positioned to shelter this challenge, will not incur any financial losses as a results of this pause, and has excellent leadership and committed volunteers who are eager to get rolling.

It is important that we all do our part to protect all in our communities and beyond. You can use this website link to access some resources you might find particularly useful:

We are all looking forward to rolling together on the road, track, trails, and paths.

TISC Update- 2020 Season Fast Approaching

December 5, 2019

The Toronto Inline Skating Club held its 2019 Annual General Meeting on November 30th 2019. A budget for 2020 was approved and the Board of Directors to lead TISC into the new season was acclaimed. The new Board, which has the same composition as last years’ Board, is working hard on planning a beautiful 2020 season!

2019-12-05 TPT

2020 will be busy and action packed, possibly opening up with indoor skating starting in January, followed by outdoor skating starting in April for which the Board is looking at new venues. Two Toronto-area events are in the works, planned to be held on the 400-meter track. Summer events will include the Canadian Champs in Halifax on August 8-9, the New York 100k on August 23rd, the Canadian Marathon Champs on September 12th!

TISC 2019 Award Recipients- Congratulations To All

December 1, 2019

The Toronto Inline Skating Club held its Year End Party & Awards in conjunction with its Annual General Meeting last night in Mississauga. Several skaters were honored with awards celebrating their hard work, dedication, results, commitment, and ongoing contributions to TISC and skating. Bravo to all recipients!

  • Gilbert Crevier- Rusty Bearing Award, for completing his first marathon, helping out at practice, and surviving a nasty fall while working on starts
  • Morgan Williams- Skater of the Year, great performances at the Canadian Championships, New York 100k, Northshore Inline Marathon
  • Travis Boomhour- Rookie of the Year
  • Sarah Sanchez, Most Improved Skater of the Year
  • Tiffany Huang, Junior Skater of the Year- Female
  • Chandra Mouli Danda, Junior Skater of the Year- Male

TISC AGM + End Of Year Party – Awards- November 30th 2019

November 1, 2019

Save the Date: The Toronto Inline Skating Club will hold its Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the Year End Party & Awards on Saturday November 30th 2019 at 4pm.

RSVP For Party & Confirm What You Bring For Potluck: The party will feature a pot-luck (everyone brings some food). We ask that you RSVP (and include the number of guests that will attend) by contacting torontoinline@yahoo.com. In that e-mail please let me know what you’ll bring for the potluck (outline what it is: drink/ beverage, snacks (chips/ cookies), veggies, fruit, desert, main entree, salad, other).

TISC AGM: To make the Annual General Meeting accessible and ensure maximum attendance and participation, TISC’s Board of Directors decided to hold the Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the End of Year Party & Awards. The following documents will be used for the meeting, which is set to begin at 4pm (in person) on November 30th 2019 at the aforementioned location: