TISC’s Chandra Mouli and Inline Speed Skating Featured in All-Round Champion Season 3

March 25, 2021

Notice: 2021 TISC Annual General Meeting: April 18th at 5pm

March 18, 2021

The Toronto Inline Skating Club will hold its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, April 18th at 5pm.

Full meeting details, including who is eligible to participate & vote, how to join the meeting (it will be held virtually), the Agenda, the Proposed Budget, and the Minutes from the last Meeting (December 2019) will be shared about one week from the meeting date.

If you have any questions, please contact torontoinline@yahoo.com

TISC- 2020 Start Up Postponement Due to COVID 19

March 24, 2020

The Toronto Inline Skating Club will postpone its start to the 2020 season indefinitely after giving consideration to advisories and recommendations from Health, Government, and Sporting authorities regarding the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Once activities and gatherings such as TISC’s are cleared to resume by Health, Government, and Sporting authorities, TISC start-up plans will be announced.

The Toronto Inline Skating Club is well positioned to shelter this challenge, will not incur any financial losses as a results of this pause, and has excellent leadership and committed volunteers who are eager to get rolling.

It is important that we all do our part to protect all in our communities and beyond. You can use this website link to access some resources you might find particularly useful:

We are all looking forward to rolling together on the road, track, trails, and paths.

TISC Update- 2020 Season Fast Approaching

December 5, 2019

The Toronto Inline Skating Club held its 2019 Annual General Meeting on November 30th 2019. A budget for 2020 was approved and the Board of Directors to lead TISC into the new season was acclaimed. The new Board, which has the same composition as last years’ Board, is working hard on planning a beautiful 2020 season!

2019-12-05 TPT

2020 will be busy and action packed, possibly opening up with indoor skating starting in January, followed by outdoor skating starting in April for which the Board is looking at new venues. Two Toronto-area events are in the works, planned to be held on the 400-meter track. Summer events will include the Canadian Champs in Halifax on August 8-9, the New York 100k on August 23rd, the Canadian Marathon Champs on September 12th!

TISC 2019 Award Recipients- Congratulations To All

December 1, 2019

The Toronto Inline Skating Club held its Year End Party & Awards in conjunction with its Annual General Meeting last night in Mississauga. Several skaters were honored with awards celebrating their hard work, dedication, results, commitment, and ongoing contributions to TISC and skating. Bravo to all recipients!

  • Gilbert Crevier- Rusty Bearing Award, for completing his first marathon, helping out at practice, and surviving a nasty fall while working on starts
  • Morgan Williams- Skater of the Year, great performances at the Canadian Championships, New York 100k, Northshore Inline Marathon
  • Travis Boomhour- Rookie of the Year
  • Sarah Sanchez, Most Improved Skater of the Year
  • Tiffany Huang, Junior Skater of the Year- Female
  • Chandra Mouli Danda, Junior Skater of the Year- Male

TISC AGM + End Of Year Party – Awards- November 30th 2019

November 1, 2019

Save the Date: The Toronto Inline Skating Club will hold its Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the Year End Party & Awards on Saturday November 30th 2019 at 4pm.

RSVP For Party & Confirm What You Bring For Potluck: The party will feature a pot-luck (everyone brings some food). We ask that you RSVP (and include the number of guests that will attend) by contacting torontoinline@yahoo.com. In that e-mail please let me know what you’ll bring for the potluck (outline what it is: drink/ beverage, snacks (chips/ cookies), veggies, fruit, desert, main entree, salad, other).

TISC AGM: To make the Annual General Meeting accessible and ensure maximum attendance and participation, TISC’s Board of Directors decided to hold the Annual General Meeting in conjunction with the End of Year Party & Awards. The following documents will be used for the meeting, which is set to begin at 4pm (in person) on November 30th 2019 at the aforementioned location:

One Practice Remaining For 2019 Outdoor Season, Stay Tuned For Party & Winter Indoor Skating

September 29, 2019

This is our group from Thursday’s practice at the 200 meter track. Just one more practice left for this storied 2019 outdoor season! See you Monday. Keep in touch and stay tuned for the Year End Party & Awards and, depending on interest and availability of the rink, indoor skating.

September 23- Practice Cancelled

September 23, 2019

It just finished raining hard at the track and it’s soaked. Unfortunately this evening’s practice is cancelled.

Sept 16th Practice- Cancelled due to Rain and Wet Track

September 16, 2019

This evening’s skating practice is cancelled due to the rain & wet track conditions. See you Thursday.

TISC Practice Drone Footage from August 8th

August 12, 2019