Let’s Roll: TISC to Resume Skating August 2nd

That’s right! We’re baaack! Actually, TISC never went away. We’ve just been waiting, and planning, and waiting. And finally, we strike! We will be able to roll!!!

With the help of several meetings, a lot of paper work, safety precautions, permit and insurance requirements, sorting through a lot of confusion and uncertainty, the TISC Board of Directors is pumped up and supper happy to let you know we will be rolling again on the 400-meter track at Father Redmond (near Lake Shore and Kipling in Etobicoke (Toronto)) starting Monday August 2nd at 6pm.

Yes, things WILL be different, but skating itself will reign supreme!

  • Skating will take place on Mondays for all of August and September at 6pm, weather permitting
  • COVID-19 prevention measures and keeping everyone safe will influence how the skating program is delivered
  • Membership fees will be structured differently than in the past, more info coming later
  • There will be NO Sport Accident insurance through TISC. Those who skate with TISC (members, visitors, guests) are responsible for all costs related to injuries and sport accident sustained during and related to TISC activities and programming
  • All wishing to participate will be required to 1) pre-register online (the form should be online on our website late next week or over the weekend of July 31/ August 1); a couple of days before practice), 2) pay all fees (we take Paypal), 3) complete sign-in which includes a health check and attestation related to COVID-19, 4) as usual have your skates and all required protective equipment and be ready to rock on skates

For 2021, TISC will only skate on Mondays. We used to use the 200-meter track at Lake Shore and Brown’s Line. But if you go there and check out the track for yourself, you’ll see all gates are locked and there are portables that have been installed directly on the track!

We hope to have full and complete details online, with the site (mostly) updated by next weekend (July 31/ August 1). Stay tuned, and keep on touch on TISC’s Facebook page or via e-mail at torontoinline@yahoo.com

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