Early June 2021 Update- Brampton Speed Skating

Hello skaters! TISC is hoping to get rolling at some point this year, but there is no clarity (yet) about when we will be able to resume operations and start skating.

Some skaters will be meeting to skate soon, and these meetings are NOT TISC organized or sanctioned events. We are simply raising awareness of group skates, practices, training opportunities, and meetings. Coach Larry Magloire, long-time TISC member since 1993, will be hosting skating practices in Brampton at Bramalea Secondary School (510 Balmoral Drive, Brampton, Ontario, L6T-1W4) on Saturday mornings at 9:30am.

Please note this is not learn-to-skate. Those wishing to attend should have the ability to start and stop rolling, be well balance on skates without toppling over, be able to turn right and left, can come to a stop and control speed, and be in general good control of their skating, and have basic knowledge of how to skate with others (drafting, matching strides, stepping in and out of the pack (group/ peloton), how to come in contact with other skaters, how to pass and be passed and general track awareness).

See his message below, and let Larry know that you’ll be coming (if you don’t have his contact information, then let us know at torontoinline@yahoo.com

Hope everyone is looking forward to enjoying the warm weather and staying safe. I am planning to be at the Bramalea Secondary high school track for 9am each Saturdays starting June 5 to July 31. Practice starts at 9:30am. The track surface is very smooth and flat, great for practicing technique. Reaching out to those who want track time if road skating is not available in your area. I am not skating the next couple months due to long term ankle recovery but as Coach, training programs are available and it would be great to see the skating community once more. Hope you can make it, weather permitting. Washrooms are not available. Please let me know to expect you. Bicycle helmet, wrist guards are mandatory. Knee pads and elbow pads are optional. Bring water! Thanks and have a safe day.

One Response to Early June 2021 Update- Brampton Speed Skating

  1. Stephen Allan Fisher says:

    Larry, instead elbow/knee pads “optional”, it should say “recommended”. (In my experience the elbows are most at risk for bad injury.)

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