TISC Update: 2021 Season

The Toronto Inline Skating Club has been on “standby mode” since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic in early 2020.

TISC’s operations and programming are dependent on requirements and permissions from venue owners (City of Toronto, School Boards) as well as local, regional, Provincial, and National health and sporting authorities.

TISC’s Board of Directors is looking at options for return to skating in 2021. This return will depend on whether the aforementioned authorities make it possible for TISC to resume operations and run skating programs.

At this point, there is no start-up date for TISC resuming activities, since the requirements and restrictions are a function of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the situation is very fluid and unpredictable.

New for 2021- No RSC Registration, No Sport Accident Insurance: In the event TISC is able to offer skating programming to members in 2021, TISC members will not be required to register with Roller Sports Canada (RSC). RSC is not currently accepting registrations, and RSC will not offer Sport Accident insurance (for practices/ training and competition) to registrants once it accepts registrations. Insurance policies of any type (including Sport Accident insurance policies) are not currently and have never been included with TISC membership. TISC members are free to purchase their own Sport Accident insurance policy.

Reminder: AGM April 18th: This is a reminder that the Toronto Inline Skating Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held April 18th at 5pm. Details will be published shortly. If you have any questions, please contact torontoinline@yahoo.com

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