Winter skating at the Scooter’s Roller Palace is going to happen this year!! I managed to arrange for skating at Scooter’s on Sundays until the end of March. If you want to skate, please review the following information and complete & submit the following form before attending.

  • WHEN: Sundays, starting January 27th, skating at 9:30am until the end of March- doors open at 9am
  • HOW MUCH: $20 (cash) per session
  • WHERE: Scooter’s Roller Palace– on Google Maps: 2105 Royal Windsor Dr, Mississauga, ON L5J 1K5
  • EQUIPMENT: You need skates and a helmet the fits securely. It’s indoors, so skin suits are fine, but you might want to have a light jacket on hand as it can get slightly cool. Don’t forget your water bottles.
  • WHO IS COACHING: Yours truly, Peter Doucet. If you want to help or you want to give me feedback & ideas, you can e-mail me at or
  • HOW CAN I HELP: Please come early, as early as 9am, to help with cleaning the floor. With four volunteer, it will take us just under 40-minutes to get the floor clean and grippy! I hope to get into the rink by 8:45am to start setting up.
  • WHAT WE WILL DO: Circle drills, passing drills, plenty of relays, speed intervals, how to skate in a group, efficient lines & track patterns, and more. Plus, let me know what you’d like to get our of the program. There will be a wide range in skill, ability, fitness, and experience of skaters, so we all have to do our best to be safe and allow everyone to benefit.
  • WHAT DO I NEED TO DO BEFORE I SKATE? Please complete the following form which will have you skating as a Guest of TISC. You’ll be required to sign-in at every practice. I’ll have a sign-in sheet with pen with me.
  • WHAT ABOUT CANCELLATIONS? I may have to cancel practice due to private bookings and movie shoots from time-to-time. I’ll contact everyone who has registered via e-mail and put a message on the TISC website, Facebook, and my own Social Media feeds to alert you. We’ll see if we can find a different time to skate if there is enough interest.
  • SAFETY: Absolutely no water bottles in the skating area because spills take a long time to dry and make the floor unusable- keep your bottles on the wall near the chair. Stay alert and aware at all times- when entering the track, while skating, and when exiting the track. No personal audio devices. When being lapped, hold your line. When lapping others, please alert them and it is your responsibility to go around safely. I’ll have rags and vinegar for you to clean your wheels with as cleaner wheels will offer you a lot more traction.
  • QUESTIONS? E-mail me at one of the two following addresses: or, find me on Instagram, find me on Facebook, and some of you have my phone # to text or call me.


In order to participate in the 2019 Winter skating at the Scooter’s Roller Palace, all applicants are required to complete the following. All components of registration MUST be completed online PRIOR to skating. This includes I) Guest Membership application, II) Waiver, III) agreeing to Equity, Climate, Governance, IV) payment,

  • Review and agree to the Equity, Climate, Governance, Mission Statement, which outlines rules, expectations, conduct, equipment requirements, safety and more.
  • Review and agree to TISC Guest Waiver.
  • Complete the following Guest Membership application form for the applicant and all family members seeking to Guest Membership with the Toronto Inline Skating Club




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