April 12th- Practice at 200m Track Cancelled, Road Skate at Max Ward IS ON

The 200-meter track at Christ the King/ Holy Trinity (Brown’s Line and Lake Shore next to the No Fills & Shopper’s Drug Mart) is covered with puddles. Tonight’s practice at that location is cancelled.

Some skaters will gather for a road skate at the famed Max Ward loop near Eglinton and Dixie. Skaters are invited to meet at 6pm at Max Ward Park located at 2380 Matheson Blvd E, Mississauga, ON L4W 5G9.

The route is about 4km long, stretching West along Matheson and then a right turn to proceed East along Explorer Drive back to Matheson. There is a marked bike lane along Explorer Drive but Matheson Blvd. features two lanes of live traffic with low traffic volume. Skaters concerned with skating in live traffic lanes can do a u-turn to remain on Explorer or can skate on the side-walk along Matheson.

If you are running late, you’ll easily be able to find skaters rolling along this loop. We anticipate a roll out at about 6:15pm after everyone has had the chance to greet each other, change into their gear, and lace up their skates.

All skaters are expected to respect the rules of the road and are encourage to use lights to increase visibility. Whether skating on the road or sidewalks, please keep safety as a top priority by watching for fissures and cracks in the road, paying attention to vehicles exiting driveways, and regularly looking back to observe traffic. Use of helmet and wrist/ palm protection is mandatory for all who skate in the group, and all are expected to be registered with the Toronto Inline Skating Club.

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