TISC Season: First Skate April 9th- Forms & Information Coming Soon

The TISC season will begin on April 9th with a skate at 6pm at Father Redmond track (location information here). The program will be similar to 2017, with same registration requirements (complete payment, register with RSC, complete TISC registration, review Equity and Climate policy, agree to waiver) equipment requirements (skates, helmet required, wrist or palm protection required, clothing suitable for the day’s weather condition since we skate outside, Youth need elbow & knee protection, no earphones or ear buds), and safety protocols.

The most significant changes this year include the Youth program, which begins in May, will ONLY be run on Thursdays 6pm to 6:45pm. Mondays, starting in May, will be reserved for learn-to-skate semi-private lessons. We will be looking for instructors who will be paid to run lessons and of course clients to take lessons. If you want to instruct or wish to take lessons, please communicate with torontoinline@yahoo.com – more information to come.

Forms will be updated early next week so you can register and sign-up.


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