Winter Indoor Skating- Let Me Know If You Will Participate

Hello skaters-

I will soon look into winter indoor skating options. As the Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club is ceasing to operate, volunteers have stepped-in to help organize an indoor program on behalf of TISC.

Skating would likely take place at the Scooter’s Roller Palace in Mississauga either on Sunday mornings or Monday evenings, with costs ranging between $12 and $22 per practice per person. The only significant change from recent years is the skating will be organized through the Toronto Inline Skating Club.

I will look at meeting with Scooter’s management to discuss exact cost for renting their facility and what days & times are available.

Please let me know by October 28th by contacting me at if you will commit to skating with TISC at Scooter’s at the price-point and times I mentioned.

Once I have heard from everyone and after I have met with Scooter’s management, I will announce if indoor skating will take place this winter. I will then ask for your commitment (registering with TISC for the winter, paying floor fees), and I will also provide details (start date, which days we’ll be skating, who the programming will be geared toward, exact costs).

The final cost per practice for each skater will be calculated once we know the final number of committed skaters, so it’s important you let me know by October 28th if you will be skating with us this winter.

ALSO: We need help to organize and manage the Club and practices & programs. Please let me know if you would like to become involved as an instructor, coach, or volunteer in other capacities.


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