That’s A Wrap On TISC’s 27th Outdoor Season, Stay Tuned For Year End Party and Possible Indoor Winter Program


Can you believe skaters have been enjoying skating with TISC since 1991?! Thank you all for coming out and supporting TISC’s 27th season!! Even though 2017 was a slower year in terms of races and events, TISC skaters took advantage of practices, outings, and events & competitions in Quebec, Minnesota, New York, and Georgia!

If you’re considering coming out and skating with TISC when operations resume either this Winter or next Spring, you’ll never really know where this great sport will take you. Whether you’re a new skater or someone who’s been thinking of making a comeback after taking a break, you’ll get to skate in an engaging and challenging program. You might make new friends and possibly even make some rivals, perhaps travel to events throughout North America as some TISC members love to do, or hopefully you’ll find your calling and become involved and volunteer & help support and build this great club!

Of course TISC is always looking for volunteers as this club cannot exist without volunteer efforst. We currently have a need for individuals to help coach and with instruction, organize events (races, outings), promote and get the word out to as many people as possible to raise awareness and invite skaters out to give TISC a shot!

Keep in touch – and keep an eye out as we’re looking to have our Year End Party & Awards at some point in November and we will be looking into keeping you on wheels by running an indoor Winter skating program.


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