TISC Skaters on the Podium at the Montreal 24 Hour Relay Race

A dozen TISC members joined hundreds of other skaters in Montreal to skate at the Montreal 24 Hour Relay. The event, featuring 6-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour relay races, allows for teams of up to 10 skaters to skate a relay race on the 4.2km Formula One race track, which is closed off to traffic for the event.

C Is For Cookie Claims Silver in the 12-Hour

“C Is For Cookie” was an all-women’s team, featuring TISC’s Morgane Echardour and Candy Wong as well as two other skaters. The four girls placed 2nd overall in the 12-hour relay.


The foursome skated 6 hours on day-1 completing about 175km’s from 1pm to 7pm. The 12-hours resumed at 7am on day 2, and the girls once again completed about 185km’s to claim second overall. What makes this result special for this team is the skaters were competing with teams with 10 skaters!


Strong 3rd Place for Toronto Inline Skating Club

Toronto Inline Skating Club, an entry composed of current and ex-TISC members, ended up finishing 3rd overall in the 24 hour, coming in with 790km’s. The team suffered important set-backs in the first 12 hours of the race, being lapped multiple times by the leading teams and being given a 2-lap (8km) penalty for a race infraction.


Despite being 6 laps down on the 2nd place team at 2:30am on day 2, Peter Doucet led the come-back charge by hooking up with the Rockets- eventual race winners, pushing the team to unlap themselves from the 2nd place Optimal/ Gadbois team. The TISC squad saw clutch performances by all members- Marco & Leo Frusteri, Adrian & Alex Rudy, Daniel Meza, Morgan Williams, Georg Nikodym, Andres Medina, Camilo Echeverri, and Peter Doucet. The team closed the gap to the 2nd place team down to 1 1/2 laps, with each lap taking roughly 7 1/2 minutes to complete.


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