100km for Williams & Doucet, 42km for Wong & Gayle in New York!

Four TISC members raced in the New York 100k & Marathon last weekend. The skaters took on Prospect Park’s 5km loop and enjoyed the challenge and the grind of an ultra-long distance racing in New York City!

Morgan Williams placed 2nd in his age class and 10th overall in the Pro/Elite 100k race. Williams was able to keep in touch with the competitive lead pack for about 45km’s until he lost pace.

Peter Doucet entered the race battling and flu and a virus. He fell during the warm-up. Despite these challenges, Doucet, a former 2nd place finisher in the 100k, managed to push through with a 7th place overall finish in the Pro/Elite 100k.

Candy Wong and Herb Gayle participated in the 42km Pro/Elite Marathon. Candy Wong finished 1st overall in her age-class and 3rd overall among women.

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