TISC Skater & Volunteers Celebrated at Year End Party

The Toronto Inline Skating Club held its annul End Of Year & Awards Party last night. Judy Penner & family graciously hosted the event. Candy Wong provided amazing catering for the party.


The highlights of the evening included the Skater Awards, Volunteer Recognition and RSO Series awards.

The following volunteers were recognized for their contributions to TISC: for 2013 Wayne Burrett, Bill Halushak, David Kozachuk, Judy Penner, Alain Quintard and Sherry Tickner.

Congratulations to all recipients for the 2013 Season!


Skater of the Year- Male– LEONARDO FRUSTERI
* Leonardo’s performances in 2013 turned quite a few heads, especially at the Canadian Championships where Leo was declared Canada’s champion in the Senior Men’s dividion.

Skater of the Year- Female– MORGANE ECHARDOUR
* Morgane distinguished herself as Canada’s fastest female this year, finishing as the top female finisher in a number of events, including at the Canadian Championships and the Eastern Seaboard Series as well as the Canada Day Marathon.

Rusty Bearing Award– DAVID RUDNISKY
* David provided plenty of support at TISC events and practices this year. He helped out with a complex solar contraption providing power for sound and timing systems. He also helped dry the track at Nationals this year by creating a propane-fueled contraption that heated the track, evaporating the water.

Rookie of the Year– MAGGIE DORT
* Maggie’s rookie year at TISC was filled with impressive performances at RSO events, Nationals, Canada Day and at the Northshore Inline Marathon. It’s at the NSIM where she capped off her season with a 3rd place finish!

Special Distinction Award– MORGAN WILLIAMS

Junior Skater of the Year- Female– AMANDA TICKNER
* Amada’s efforts in racing are unparalleled. Whether she is in the front or in the middle, she always puts her best performance forward, replying any time she can with an attack and counter moves.

Junior Skater of the Year- Male– ALEX RUDY
* Alex Rudy had a very strong year with impressive performances at the Eatern Seaboard Series, Nationals and at the Montreal Marathon. He skated with the 24-Hours Roller Montreal winning team, Il Peloton.

Most Improved Skater– ANDRES MEDINA
* Andres had a number of break-out performances this season, including in the open 1000-meters at the Canadian Championships. He also skated very well for TISC’s Team #1 at the 24 Hours Roller Montreal.

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