TISC Hosts Canada Day Marathon- Good Turnout, Nice Weather, Fast Skating!

The Toronto Inline Skating Club hosted the 2013 Canada Day Marathon in Cambridge earlier today.


Morgane Echardour leads the 42km

Skaters came from Quebec and the USA to support the annual event, which takes place on the open roads just outside of the City of Cambridge. TISC’s Morgane Echardour was the top women’s finisher, finishing the race with the lead pack. Ottawa’s Sergio Almeralla (Il Peloton) won the race thanks to an early solo breakaway.

This was the first ever event for some of TISC’s members. Congratulations to all who skated, made their best effort, put up personal best times, placed well and reached goals.

TISC’s Peter Doucet and Wayne Burrett planned the event and led the team of volunteers, including Eric Gee and Alain Quintard who gave up dozens of hours of their personl time to sweep the course, set-up cones, put up signs, prop up tents and more. Over 15 volunteers helped out on the day of the event with tasks including registration, set-up, take-down, traffic control, water-station, photography, starting the races (3 separate starts), timing, placement, officiating, clean-up, handing out awards, collecting tear-tags, giving finisher medals, bringing water and pop, and more!

See you in 2014!


Wayne Burrett, Peter Doucet, Eric Gee and Alain Quintard worked for many hours preparing the course


Skaters from Quebec and the USA supported the event!


Chris Fiola (Il Peloton) leads the pack during the 42km

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