TISC Skaters Very Strong at Day 1 of Canadian Championships in Quebec

TISC skaters are competing at the Canadian Outdoor Championships this weekend and this upcoming week in Quebec. Races are held today & tomorrow in Ste-Foy near Quebec City and Tuesday & Thursday in Laval near Montreal.

Morgane Echardour won two of three races in the Senior World Class Division. Echardour set personal best time in her 300-meter time trial with a 29.21. Peter Doucet topped his competition in the 10km points/ elimination in Canadian record time (16:43) and placed 2nd in the 300m & 1000m. He set a personal best time in the 300-meter with a time of 27.64 second.

Alex Rudy finished top-5 in the 10km points/ elimination and 1000m and managed to score a 3rd place finish in 300-meter time trial in the junior division. Alex faced down some really fast skaters from Quebec and Alberta and is looking forward to competing with the tomorrow.

Amanda Tickner faced strong competition in the junior girls division. She skated very well her 10km points/ elimination race to finish in 4th place. When crossing the line after a dash to the line for mid-race points with the other competitors, Amanda pushed the pace and put the hurt to the other skaters! Amanda suffered through back-pains and bettered her personal best time by 2-minutes!

Amanda Tickner leads the Freshmen Girls’ 10km points/ elimination

In the freshmen boys division, Adrien Rudy finished 3rd in the 1500-meter and placed well it the 300-meter. Chris Langridge set a personal best time in the 300-meter time trial.

Adrien Rudy relaxing after his racing was done on day 1

Jeff Langridge skated in the always competitive master men’s division. He skated his 300-meter time trial with a time in the mid-30’s. He is already looking forward to better this personal best time!

Jeff Langridge during the 5km points race

Wayne Burrett and Eric Gee are supporting the event as officials.

Waybe Burrett (right) with Sina S. (chief referee)

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