TISC Skaters get wet at Trillium 10k in Mount Forest

Nearly a dozen TISC skaters supported the annual Trillium 10k in Mount Forest.

The 10km road race was held under wet & rainy conditions. Although these conditions weren’t ideal for skaters, the spirited racers took to the roads and completed the 10km distance with their best efforts.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the event.

Jesse Pauley managed to not make any wrong turns, taking the overall victory in a close sprint with Morgan Williams and Peter Doucet.

Morgane Echardour finished about 30-seconds behind the leaders, ahead of Shannon Hegarty and Candy Wong. Hegarty has been experiencing debilitating shin pains this season, but managed to pull through and put together a good skate.

This event served as the first ever outdoor road race for some members. Despite challenging and slick road conditions, she pushed through for her first finish.

On this day, TISC skaters…

  • …enjoyed skating in the rain
  • …got to eat tons of great post-race food
  • …won hats and running shoes
  • …received nice event t-shirts

Overall placements [Click here for complete (and official) results]
1- 19:40- Jesse Pauley
2- 19:41- Morgan William
3- 19:42- Peter Doucet
4- 19:49- Scott Pauley
5- 20:15- Georg Nikodym
6- 20:17- Morgane Echardour
7- 21:44- Shannon Hegarty
8- 21:44- Travis Shaw
9- 23:18- Candy Wong
10- 27:58- Skater Name Removed
11- 28:11- Randy Domm
12- 32:44- Dawn Oakley

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